Kremsian students work hard — play hard

The student life in Krems consists out of group works, studying, attending classes but also enjoying good times with your colleagues.

Spring has finally arrived in Krems and the Wachau metropole shows its best sunny side. It would be ideal to go outside and enjoy the weather.

Sunny day at the Kremsfluss


However, our hardworking students are still very busy studying for their final exams.

Each of them is in the place they find most comfortable to study. D is in the university’s lab room.

J and M are trying to understand some financial calculations.

K is studying in his garden.


D is so caught up in his work that he lost track of time. Then, he looks at his watch…

J and M are practicing for their oral when they get a shocking text message…

K is working on his laptop when he suddenly hears the Church bells and is reminded of the time…


<intense music>

Each of the students swiftly interrupts their studying. They rush with their favourite mean of transport through the stunning landscape of Krems.

<scenery shots of Krems>

D is running through the vineyards
K takes his bike (example image)
M hops onto his stand up paddle boardwith his dog
J takes his longboard


The students finally reach their destination. Just on time! Their colleagues are already waiting for them with the first round of beer.

Because after all, studying in Krems means: WORK HARD PLAY HARD