Way to completely misrepresent progressives’ objections to Hillary.
Devin Reynolds

Hi Devin, Bravo for putting the apologists back in their filthy place. The excuse these people give, sexism is the reason people dislike Hillary because men are corrupt too, so vote for her, is the most unprogressive thing imaginable. It is saying that corruption is ok, because everybody is doing it and it is giving a pass to horrible behavior because it is a female doing it (or a black male, RIP antiwar progressives 2008–2016).

Let’s turn the tables on those claiming that critics don’t care about what she has done, but only care that she is a woman. If those people don’t care about the looooong list of crimes this person has committed, are not bothered by her pay-for-play cronyism with Saudi Arabia, where a large donation to the Clinton foundation ‘coincided’ with a massive flow of weapons to the country when Hillary was Secretary of State, her war-hawkery, her support for the Iraq war, her conviction that Obama hasn’t been hard enough on the Middle-East, despite 7 countries in chaos or ruins and million of people killed and many more displaced because of her American exceptionalism, then how can you come to any other conclusion that they, in fact, don’t care about what she has done because she is a woman. Their judgment only fell in the opposite direction. Somehow they believe that makes them the morally superior party.

Now you can ask what is worse: hating a horrible human being (partly) for the wrong reason, or defending a horrible criminal person because she is a woman.

For sources and details, I linked to many of the info in my article .

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