Get used to a new habit

Once you start, you’ll never stop again.

Once in their life, everybody waned to change something in their life, i.e. stop smoking, starting a brand new diet found on the magazines, learn new languages or everything-your-mind-suggests-you-when-having-a-shower.

That’s what I tried to commit to:

Stop smoking and doing workout everyday.

Exactly it took me 1 month (for the second one, smoking is still an habit!) to get myself to a new habit: Home workout.

I can say it has been very hard to set alarms 2 hours earlier, to wake up from the bed, realizing that, instead of procrastinating under the sheets, I had already my buttocks on the gym mat, starting to push up and down, jumping and experiencing the mercilessly burpees: my first days invited me to give up, but my mind kept cheering “you can do it!”, so now I am toning my body everyday!

Now I feel way better and results can be seen day by day. Eveyday I wake up energetic and feeling powerful, ready to face every hurdles Miss Life lays on my path.

My example is one of the countless proofs of everybody’s change that led to a new lifestyle, with the total agreement about the hardness into switching your routine into something better, including the gratification of the results.

Nobody has ever asked you to give them results: it’s your mind and ego needing a new You, and you’ll be happy whatever result you’ll get.