I Moved To The North Pole

Not really. I moved to Wisconsin, but that’s close enough.

Until I was 8 years old, I lived in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI. In the summer, I remember running through the misty August grass, catching fireflies after dark until my toes were too cold. During the coldest months, I recall being able to sit on top of my mail box, because the the snow was so high, waiting for the school bus to come.

When I decided to move back to Wisconsin, this past January, I don’t think I considered just how cold it gets. I haven’t even been here the entire winter and I already long for days that I don’t have to wear a parka just to go to the mailbox. Okay, so I don’t actually own a parka, but I should, because my buns practically fall off if I’m outside for more than 5 minutes, and thats snow joke.

Originally, what I did think was a joke was the fact that the weather gets in the negatives and schools can be cancelled for temperatures below a certain degree. I also discovered the importance of having a snow scrapper and shovel in your car; and while you’re shoveling your car out of a two feet of snow, remember to wear 5 pairs of socks, 3 jackets, long underwear, boots, a hat, gloves, a scarf, a face mask, and maybe a pair of ski’s while you’re at it. On the bright side, some places or apartments have heated garages, which has now become a requirement for me anytime I look for apartments in the future. Once you reach your destination though, remember to look up, because icicles could plummet from a building, which could lead to an icy death (maybe).

Thankfully, my family, childhood friends, and an aight guy have helped me endure the cold and come to love The North Pole, I mean, Wisconsin. Living in the tundra does have its perks; we have all four seasons, when the packers are playing every game day is practically a holiday, the beer is great and the brewery tours are a lot of fun, there are always events going on in the summer like Summerfest and State Fair, there are plenty of state parks, and most importantly, the cheese is squeaky.