A screenshot of the Dragster game. What’s wrong with this picture?

This post will cover a little journey of mine involving a game from 1980. The game is incredibly short, and the best players in the world will finish it in slightly more than 5.5 seconds. And as you might have guessed, this is the Dragster game for Atari 2600.
Dragster is interesting because it is has a unique place in the history of computer games and especially in speed-running. The best time ever was supposedly 5.51 seconds, and this held the Guinness world record for being the longest-standing record in any video game (a record for having a record is really…

Some time ago I needed a complex password. However, I also wanted it to be something that I can remember. What’s easier to remember, “Password123456789” or “Uz8!;JNEw.B>vS?Q2”? So I decided to to put together my own obfuscater. Just for the fun of it.

My requirements were:

  • Algorithm should run quickly
  • Given one obfuscated password as input, a new and obfuscated password should be created. This way, I only need to remember one password, which can be used to generate many different, seemingly obscure passwords. Great for places requiring password changes often :)
  • As extension of the previous requirement, the algorithm…

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Recently I came across a public dataset on GitHub containing about 200,000 jokes from different sources. Well, mostly it’s reddit, but also a few other sites.

From this dataset, I put together a small Python script in less than 100 lines to create machine-generated jokes, like the title of this post (for a much larger list of generated jokes, I’ve put some up on this page).
In this post, I will go through using my code and get you started generating your own jokes.


Before actually looking at code, I will briefly go over the background of how the jokes…

Some time ago I came across Libratus, a bot made by Carnegie Mellon for playing heads up (1 vs 1) no limit hold’em. Libratus proved its worth by beating some of the world’s best poker players. I came to wonder just how difficult it would be to create a bot that would do well in larger, say 10 player, tournaments? Well, pretty hard, and for the time being, I’ve got some issues that I’ve yet to find a solution to. And also, I don’t have a super computer at my disposal for training the bots. …

Andreas Thiele

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