I want to be in love. I’ll bet that you do too. As emotional beings, finding someone that you can share such an intimate and special connection with is incredible. There is nothing else on this planet like love.

Imagine feeling the same way you do when you’re in love… about yourself.

Lately, my mind has shifted away from this idea of actively seeking love, towards becoming it instead. Think about all of the time you would save if you chose to become love rather than search for it.

When you become love, everything changes. You remain open. Love is open. Your energy radiates throughout the world. You are unbreakable. If you become love, you are immune to negativity and heartbreak because you reflect hate with love. Love overpowers everything.

One of the most important things I’ve learned this year is how to release painful memories into the universe. When you shift your focus to becoming love, you begin to heal. No one can hurt you anymore. Love diffuses everything.

What is weighing you down today? What have you kept locked up, unable to release?

In order to move forward, you have to let it go. It will sting. It will burn. It may feel like someone dropped fifty pounds of bricks on your chest. Just relax. Close your eyes. Pinpoint the most intense area of your pain. Figure out why you haven’t been able to let it pass. Notice this feeling, then release your pain into the world. It will pass through you. I promise.

Once you have learned how to push all of the negativity away, all that leaves room for is love. It’s not about your job, how much money you have, or the people that you know. It’s about love. When you become love, you can do anything.

If we are only given this one life to live and have the chance to make any real difference, let your legacy be love.


published originally at saltwatersunflower.com.