I Love LSD!

I can’t say it enough – LSD is my addiction. Get your mind out of the gutter – it’s the long, slow distance run. Though I’m sure the other LSD may help solve occasional boredom on these runs, I don’t recommend it at all (caveat: I’ve never tried it, but some things you don’t need to try to know it’s a bad idea!).

I hear some folks complain about having to do LSDs. I think there’s a bit of that in the beginning that is probably unavoidable. It’s tough, especially when you’re still getting a sense of what slow means. I had moments of self-doubt, wondering if I was going too slow or too fast. Having read the books, I was worried about injury with the latter. Working towards race goals, I was afraid the former wouldn’t prepare me enough to reach my target time, which was significantly faster than my LSD would allow.

Now that I’ve been doing this consistently for over a year, I have gotten into a groove. My long runs are actually meeting my perception of what long is – 20+ kilometers and 2+ hours. You can lose yourself in a lot of thought and work a lot of things out when you have nothing else to focus on. And with most of our lives we are constantly multi-tasking, never being able to truly focus on a single thing. LSD solves that.

And having run two longer distance races (10 miler and a 30k) that beat my PBs by a significant margin (20+ minutes off my previous times), LSD has been a key component of my training.

So give it a try. Find a new route you’ve never run. Leave the headphones at home. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. You’ll (eventually) be glad you did.