Andreas Zecher
31 min readSep 1, 2014


The signups for the open letter are closed, but you can still help out. If you agree with the letter, share it with as many people as you can and speak up against harassment and threats of violence.

Please also have a look at our current campaign

Open letter to the gaming community

We believe that everyone, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or disability has the right to play games, criticize games and make games without getting harassed or threatened. It is the diversity of our community that allows games to flourish.

If you see threats of violence or harm in comments on Steam, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook or reddit, please take a minute to report them on the respective sites.

If you see hateful, harassing speech, take a public stand against it and make the gaming community a more enjoyable space to be in.

Thank you

Andreas Zecher (Spaces of Play)

Aaron Fothergill (Strange Flavour)
Aaron Isaksen (Indie Fund, AppAbove Games)
Aaron Starks (Independent)
Aaryn Flynn (BioWare)
Achim Heidelauf (Independent)
Adam Axbey (A dB of Difference)
Adam Baker (GamingforCancerUK)
Adam Carlson (Ghost Games, EA)
Adam Clixby (Rodeo Games)
Adam Esat (Traveller’s Tales)
Adam Fletcher (Robot Entertainment)
Adam Grant (Independent)
Adam Green (Assyria Game Studio Ltd)
Adam Gutterman (Surgical Strike Games)
Adam Hastings (Serious Parody)
Adam Jenkins (University of South Australia)
Adam Langridge (Wonderstruck)
Adam Mechtley (Candlelight Interactive)
Adam Orth (Three One Zero)
Adam Saltsman (Finji)
Adam Skoglund (Independent)
Adam Sulzdorf-Liszkiewicz (RUST LTD., University of Southern California)
Adam Ziegler (Zero Hour Productions)
Addison Smith (Independent)
Ade Cottrell (Playground Games)
Adhi Lius (Sinergi Studio)
Adnan Agha (Nevernaut Games)
Adrian Bauer (D-Pad Studio)
Adrian Crook (Adrian Crook & Associates)
Adrian Herbez (Jamwix, UCI, CMU)
Adrian Sugden (Independent)
Adrian Tingstad Husby (Krillbite Studio)
Adrian Vergara (Reach Game Studios Pty. Ltd.)
Adrian vom Baur (Chimera Entertainment)
Adriano Varoli Piazza (Independent)
Adriel Wallick (Independent)
Agnes Mikucka (Image & Form)
Agustín Pérez Fernández (DuvalVG)
Ahmad Mohammadnejad (Independent)
Aidan Duggan (Independent)
Aidan Taylor (NCSOFT Europe Ltd)
Akara Rojcharoenngam (BCC)
Akira Thompson (Independent)
Ala’ Diab (Freedom Games)
Alain Tascan (Independent)
Alan Calderwood (FordArtWorks)
Alan Hinchcliffe (Independent)
Alan Rawkins (Rawkins Games)
Alan Williamson (Five out of Ten)
Alan Yeoh (Nonstop Games)
Alanna Kelly (Independent)
Albert Caynes (Senyac Games)
Albin Lundahl (Ubisoft Massive)
Alec Austin (Tapzen)
Alec Faulkner (Independent)
Alec Thomson (Independent)
Aleissia Laidacker (Ubisoft Montreal)
Alejandro Quan-Madrid (One Million HP, University of Southern California)
Aleks Samoylov (Independent)
Aleksey Savchenko (Black Wing Foundation)
Alessandro Ardolino (Ghost Games)
Alessandro Filipponi (CRYsoft Development)
Alessandro Mazzega (Forge Reply, Everyeye)
Alex Ball (Independent)
Alex Beckers (Nexon America)
Alex Bronner (Rock Raiders United)
Alex Camilleri (Kalopsia Games)
Alex Castro (Twinfinite)
Alex Darby (darbotron ltd)
Alex Harvey (Andalusian)
Alex Hutchinson (Ubisoft Montreal)
Alex Kain (Venan Entertainment)
Alex Kelly (IBM)
Alex Langley (Crit Confirm)
Alex Lemcovich (Birkbeck University of London)
Alex M. Lehmann (Riot Games)
Alex May (Independent)
Alex Moore (Independent)
Alex Okafor (One Man Left Studios, LLC)
Alex Poli (Independent)
Alex Rider (Anglia Ruskin University)
Alex Schuh (Independent)
Alex Schwartz (Owlchemy Labs)
Alex Thompson (80P Gaming)
Alex Vu (Clerya Games)
Alex Walker (ABC Tech & Games)
Alex Wootton (Independent)
Alex Ziska (HOT’n SPICY Games)
Alexa Papadopoulos (Independent)
Alexander Birke (Rumpus)
Alexander Birkner (Nitrado)
Alexander Christian (MicroAd Indonesia)
Alexander Cobleigh (Independent)
Alexander Jones (Independent)
Alexander Kelly (Two Tails Games)
Alexander Kunchev (Independent)
Alexander Martin (Independent)
Alexander Müller (Ubisoft Blue Byte)
Alexander Niehoff (Independent)
Alexander Ocias (Independent)
Alexander Pieper (Studio Fizbin)
Alexander Pieper (Studio Fizbin)
Alexander Rehm (Jagex)
Alexander Tuckett (Redefinition Games)
Alexander Zacherl (Fairytale Distillery)
Alexandra Orlando (University of Waterloo)
Alexandra Skimmeland (Krillbite Studio)
Alexandre Gresh (Nevernaut Games)
Alexandre Thomas (Independent)
Alexandru Iosup (Delft University of Technology)
Alexey Kolpakov (Creative Mage)
Alexis Jolis-Desautels (Ubisoft Montreal)
Alfie Bowman (JACreations)
Ali İhsan EFE (Independent)
Alice Wilkes (Animus Interactive)
Allan Alansari (MoonDigital)
Allan Schumacher (BioWare)
Allen Murray (Atom Jack)
Alrick Chalar (Independent)
Alvaro Cavalcanti (Independent)
Aman Pathiara (16bitkings)
Amanda Rösler (Toca Boca)
Amanda Williams (Tiger Style, Independent)
Amichai Naveh Marmor (Open House Studios)
Amit Ramanuj (Independent)
Amy Dodd (Fat Pebble Games)
Ana Barbuta (Guerrilla Games)
Anar Rahimli (Demonware)
Anastassia Waddell (Visual College of Art and Design)
Anchel Labena (EUCROMA)
Anders Adlén (DICE)
Anders Brevik (Kvasir Games)
Anders Elfgren (Pixeldiet Entertainment)
Anders Gustafsson (The Sleeping Machine)
Anders Hartzen (Independent)
Anders Hillestad (Antagonist)
Anders Howard (Epic Games)
Anders Højsted (Great Dane Games)
Anders Moberg (Ghost Games)
Anders Nissen (Independent)
Anders Sajbel (Independent)
Anders Ugland (Krillbite Studio)
Andre Doucet (University of Baltimore)
Andrea Benavides (EA)
Andrea Casartelli (Wooga)
Andrea Pantaloni (48h Studio)
Andrea Schmoll (Arkane Studios)
Andreas Asplund (King)
Andreas Brinck (Ghost Games)
Andreas Ekberg (Independent)
Andreas Fischer (Travian Games)
Andreas Jörgensen (Independent)
Andreas Lanjerud (DICE)
Andreas Lopez (Ultra Wolf)
Andreas Öjerfors (Machinegames)
Andrei Marks (Independent)
Andreia Gaita (Independent)
Andrew Barton (Independent)
Andrew Brinkhaus (Brink House Games)
Andrew Dovichi (Crystal Dynamics)
Andrew Eiche (Birdcage Games)
Andrew Fairbairn (Independent)
Andrew Fischer (Independent)
Andrew Fray (Spry Fox)
Andrew Haining (Ratus Apparatus)
Andrew Holden (TTGames)
Andrew Krause (Alien Bug)
Andrew Langley (Telltale Games)
Andrew Linstrom (Most Dangerous Games)
Andrew Matecha (Independent)
Andrew P Paschalis (Squiggly Gamers)
Andrew Phelps (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Andrew Plotkin (Independent)
Andrew Rodham (Epic Games)
Andrew Rowe (DemonWare)
Andrew Shealy (Nevada State College)
Andrew Sweeney (Wilmington University)
Andrew Todd (Badass Digest)
Andrew Willmott (Sports Interactive)
Andrew Wooldridge (Triptych)
Andrey Kulakov (Elvista Media Solutions)
Andrien Gbinigie (Ubisoft Montreal)
Andrzej Marczewski (Yet Another Review Site)
Andrzej Zamoyski (Futuretro Studios)
André Ahlgren (Lund University)
André Fohlin (Independent)
André Sicuro Scremin (Instituto Federal do Paraná)
Andy Dodds (Gaming Technology Solutions)
Andy Nealen (NYU)
Andy Rohrmann (scntfc)
Angel Ramboi (Demonware)
Angel Rosario (Independent)
Angela Roe (Independent)
Angie Smets (Guerrilla Games)
Ann-Sofie Sydow (The Game Assembly)
Anna Megill (Independent)
Anna Ström (Paradox Interactive)
Anna Tito (Gameloft)
Anne Blondel-Jouin (Ubisoft)
Anne Toole (The Write Toole)
Annie Erskine (Independent)
Annika Olofsdotter (Blekinge Institute of Technology)
AnnMaria De Mars (7 Generation Games)
Anselm Scholz (Independent)
Anthony Coleman (Independent)
Anthony Lapenna (Independent)
Anthony Ortega (Harrisburg University of Science and Technology)
Anthony Panecasio (Ubisoft Toronto)
Anthony Reddan (Ubisoft)
Anthony Silva (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research)
Antoine Guillou (
Antoine Henry (Ubisoft)
Antoine Pintout (Independent)
Anton-Matthias Seitz (Alpha-Omegagaming)
Antonio Santo (Vadejuegos)
Antti Lax (Zaibatsu Interactive)
Antti Tiihonen (Almost Human)
Anup Sarode (Xaxist Arts)
Aphra Kerr (National University of Ireland Maynooth)
Aras Pranckevičius (Unity Technologies)
Ariel Mendoza (PixelWarps)
Arinn Dembo (Independent, Kerberos Productions)
Arjan Brussee (Boss Key Productions)
Arjan Lindeboom (arjandotorg, World of Tilia)
Arjen Meijer (Gramble)
Armand “Arwyn” Accrombessi (Independent)
Armin Ronacher (Splash Damage)
Arnaud Gauthier-Lissarrague (KTM-Advance)
Art Taylor (Digital River)
Arthur Prudent (Amplitude Studios)
Arvind Iyer (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Arvind Raja Yadav (Pyrodactyl Games)
Arwin John (Independent)
Asbjoern Andersen (Epic Sound, A Sound Effect)
Asheen Singh (Independent)
Asheesh Gulati (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Ashley Alicea (Independent)
Asi Burak (Games for Change)
Astrid Madsen (MovieStarPlanet)
Asurai Valentine (Independent)
Aubrey Hesselgren (Preloaded)
Aubrey Norris (Deep Silver)
Audrey Laurent-André (Ubisoft)
Austin Garcia (Twinfinite)
Austin Mageles (Independent)
Austin Siagian (Independent)
Austin Speth (Independent)
Austin Wintory (Independent)
Avi Ben-Menahem (Microsoft)
Axelle Ziegler (Independent)
Ayan Debnath (Future iOsoft Technology)
Ayesha Khan (Bigpoint, Hamburg)
Aymar Azaizia (Ubisoft Montreal)
Baptiste Chardon (Ubisoft Mobile Games)
Baris Bicer (Independent)
Barry Grove (Gamerdads)
Bart Wronski (Ubisoft Montreal)
Bas Bijpost (Guerrilla Games)
Becky Hirst (Dark Cleo Productions, University of Huddersfield)
Bekah Abey (Independent)
Ben Adams (Illyriad Games)
Ben Batt (Firelight Technologies)
Ben Berntsen (Gameloft)
Ben Britten (Tin Man Games)
Ben Brooks (Lionhead Studios)
Ben Burbank (Double Fine Productions)
Ben Coleman (Independent)
Ben Cousins (Independent)
Ben Crossbones (Brightskull)
Ben Ellmann (Independent)
Ben Fisher (Radiant Worlds)
Ben Goegge (Independent)
Ben Johnson (Dozen Eyes, Babycastles)
Ben Jones (OMUK)
Ben Keenan (Independent)
Ben McGraw (Breadbrothers Games)
Ben Morrow (Blue Shell Games)
Ben Nadler (Crystal Dynamics)
Ben Remignanti (srsly)
Ben Shostak (Barnyard Intelligence Games)
Ben Spratt (Independent)
Ben Steenson (Independent)
Ben Swinden (Independent)
Ben Thornburg (Okeedoke Studios)
Ben Tucker (Independent)
Ben Vance (Buffalo Vision)
Ben Vu (SkyVu)
Ben Zeigler (Epic Games)
Bendik Stang (SnowCastleGames)
Benedikt S. Vogler (Independent)
Benjamin Crause (Nintendo of Europe)
Benjamin Kutcher (Intel Corporation)
Benjamin Myrie (Independent)
Benjamin Ryalls (Side)
Benjamin Strobel (Daily D-Pad)
Benn Powell (Independent)
Bennett Foddy (Independent)
Berkley Staite (Independent)
Bernard Yee (Independent)
Bernd Kilga (Phalanx GmbH)
Bernd Lehahn (EGOSOFT)
Bernhard Mies (Woodland Barbarians)
Bernhard Schulenburg (Independent)
Beth Carter (Independent)
Betsy Nagler (Rustle Works)
Bilgin Sahin (RaCoon Games)
Bill Crosbie (Raritan Valley CC, Rutgers University)
Bill DeVoe (Independent)
Bill Kladis (imbueFX Inc.)
Bill Mauer (Independent)
Billy Wimblett (Lionhead Studios)
Bjarni Jensen (Independent)
Björn Åkerblom (Ubisoft Massive)
Bjørnar Frøyse (Krillbite Studio)
Blain Howard (Microsoft)
Blair Gaddis (Independent)
Blair Herter (Midnight Oil)
Blyth Ellsworth (Independent)
Bob Morate (Ubisoft Blue Byte)
Bob Summerwill (Roadhouse Interactive, Kitsilano Games)
Bobbi Augustine Sand (Ozma Games)
Borja Nafria (Independent)
Brad Fotsch (Funomena)
Brad Johnson (Be-Rad Entertainment)
Brad Marr (Independent)
Brandon Kidwell (C.A.S.T.L.E.)
Brandon Richey (Sagadev)
Braydon Beaulieu (University of Calgary)
Brendan Mauro (Lazy 8 Studios)
Brenden Sewell (E-Line Media)
Brenna Hillier (VG247)
Brent Kobayashi (Spry Fox)
Brenton Buchanan (Independent)
Bret Mogilefsky (Sony Computer Entertainment America)
Brett Boyko (Dark Smile Games)
Brett Douville (Independent)
Brian Block (Columbia College Chicago Faculty)
Brian DeLue (EF English First Beijing)
Brian Diamond (Independent)
Brian Hicks (Bohemia Interactive)
Brian Holinka (Blizzard Entertainment)
Brian Mattucci (Tangent Worlds)
Brian McDonald (Infinity Ward)
Brian Puschell (Independent)
Brian Ramage (Black Jack Studios)
Brian Robbins (Independent)
Brian Sharp (Independent)
Brian Stewart (WB Games Montreal)
Brian Swetland (Independent)
Brian Tran (Brixvi)
Brian Upton (Sony Santa Monica)
Brianna Wu (Giant Spacekat)
Brie Code (Ubisoft Montreal)
Brody Brooks (Pixel Sunrise)
Brook Chipman (Sundae Month)
Bruce Aldridge (Bald Ridge Games)
Bruce Morrison (Man Up Time Studios)
Bruce Thomson (Nnooo)
Bruno Godbout (Haptic Software)
Bruno Patatas (Outplay Entertainment)
Bruno S. Briseno (Behold Studios)
Bryan Duke (Acceleroto)
Bryanna Lindsey (Zenimax Online Studios)
Bryn Richards (Travellers Tales)
Byron Collier (Independent)
C.J. Kershner (Ubisoft Montreal)
Caelyn Sandel (Urbane Undead Small Press)
Calle Englund (Independent)
Callum Bigden (Traction Wars Team)
Callum Underwood (Independent)
Cam Banks (Atlas Games)
Cam Rogers (Remedy Entertainment)
Camden Segal (Independent)
Cameron Baker (Independent)
Cameron Kratzer (Independent)
Cameron Smith (Independent)
Cameron Suey (Crystal Dynamics)
Camilla Koutsos (Majic Jungle)
Camille Lac (Ubisoft)
Carlos Contreras (Independent)
Carlos Corella (Independent)
Carlos Cuello (Epic Games)
Carlos Morales (Independent)
Carlos Villarreal Kwasek (GHOST)
Carol Mertz (Happy Badger Studio)
Carolyn VanEseltine (Giant Spacekat)
Caryl Shaw (Telltale Games)
Caryn Vainio (Independent)
Casey Malone (Demiurge Studios)
Casey Monroe (Independent)
Caspar Field (Wish Studios)
Cassie Parkes (Pixel Dynamo)
Cat Wendt (Independent)
Catalin Puscas (Independent)
Catherine Canlas (Independent)
Catherine Flick (De Montfort University)
Catherine/Kiran Oliver (Southern New Hampshire University, Independent)
Cathie LeBlanc (Plymouth State University)
Catt Small (Code Liberation, Brooklyn Gamery)
Cecilia Larsson (Fatshark)
Cedric Anthony (Ubisoft Nadeo)
Cevyn Scott (Codec Moments)
Chad LaClair (Independent)
Chad Mirshak (The Distraction Lab)
Chad Toprak (Independent)
Chani Walker (Independent)
Chantra Rith (Independent)
Charles Dixon (Independent)
Charles Elwonger (Animal Phase, Independent)
Charles Randall (Capy)
Charlie Hawkins (Altered Confusion, LLC)
Charlie Hugenard (Funomena)
Charlotte Dubois (Microsoft)
Chase Caponero (Independent)
Chayongkorn Singprasong (Independent)
Chaz Evans (Video Game Art Gallery)
Chelsea Howe (EA)
Chiara Pasquini (505 Games)
Chris Bell (Giant Sparrow)
Chris Blume (Twitch)
Chris Bowden (EA)
Chris Butler (Independent)
Chris Charla (Microsoft)
Chris Christodoulou (Independent)
Chris Chung (Independent)
Chris Clarke (Plan of Attack)
Chris Cook (Lionhead)
Chris Dahlen (Independent)
Chris DeLeon (HobbyGameDev)
Chris Doucette (PopCap Games)
Chris Foster (Harmonix)
Chris Furniss (PopCap Games)
Chris Gregan (Snozbot & Fungus)
Chris Hardwick (CD-Projekt Red)
Chris Heatherly (Disney)
Chris Holmes (HolmesInFive)
Chris J. Lebron (Independent)
Chris Jenkins (The Used Gamers)
Chris Jennewein (Prismatic Games)
Chris Karadaglis (Canned Reality)
Chris Koeppel (Independent)
Chris Logsdon (Independent)
Chris Maule (Hyper Thetical Games)
Chris McLaughlin (Vitei)
Chris Moore (GamingExcellence)
Chris Payne (Traveller’s Tales)
Chris Polus (stillalive studios)
Chris Pruett (Robot Invader)
Chris Reeves (4J Studios)
Chris Remo (Campo Santo)
Chris Scullion (CVG)
Chris Sorrell (Independent)
Chris Thursten (PC Gamer)
Chris Tihor (Independent)
Chris Wigley (Pickled Sea Cat)
Chris Wombat Crowell (Crowell Interactive)
Chris Wood (Interealtime)
Chris Wright (Independent)
Christian Alvarado (ARPA BUAP)
Christian Meyer (Capybara Games)
Christian Niemand (Black Pants Game Studio)
Christian Porter (Independent)
Christian Schulz (Independent)
Christian Vuye (NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences)
Christian Westman (Paradox Interactive)
Christina Womack (Oculus)
Christoffer Enedahl (Hello There)
Christoffer Hedborg (Unemployable)
Christoffer Holmgård (Die Gute Fabrik)
Christoph Ciupke (Independent)
Christophe Grandjean (Ubisoft Montreal)
Christopher Arnold (Crowned Daemon Studios)
Christopher Groux (Independent)
Christopher Jon (Synthellec Media)
Christopher Jr. Riley. (Triple J Studios)
Christopher Kovacs (Mefightclub)
Christopher Night (Independent)
Christopher Patrick (Independent)
Christopher Pioli (Independent)
Christopher Smallfieldname (Chimney Group)
Christopher Stockman (Bit Planet Games, LLC)
Christopher Watt (Independent)
Christopher Williamson (DreamQuest Games)
Christopher Yabsley (Achebit)
Chuck Jordan (Independent)
Chuck Kallenbach (Independent)
Chuck Smith (Ludisto)
Cian Mc Sweeney (Independent)
Cindy Au (Kickstarter)
Ciro Mondueri (Kalio)
Claire Robsahm (DigiPen Institute of Technology)
Clara Fernandez-Vara (New York University)
Clara Gomez Perez (Goodgame Studios)
Cleiton Oliveira (Independent)
Clemens Scott (Broken Rules)
Cliff Bleszinski (Boss Key Productions)
Clint Hammack (independent)
Clint Hocking (Amazon Game Studios)
Cody Rinehart (Full Sail University)
Cole Rush (Geek Binge)
Colin Chang (Ninja Theory)
Colin Hounsome (Independent)
Colin J. Berry (Lucid Games)
Colin Macdonald (Channel 4 Television)
Colin Polonowski (The Digital Fix)
Colin Walsh (Celsius Game Studios)
Colin Weick (Capy)
Connor Mayer (DemonWare)
Conor McGinnis (Full Sail University)
Conrad Zimmerman (Sup Holmes)
Constance Griffith (Carbine Studios)
Constantin Best (University of Mainz)
Constantin Graf (Rebusmind)
Corey Cole (Transolar Games)
Corey Garnett (Independent)
Corey May (Ubisoft)
Corey Milne (Independent)
Corey Nolan (Independent)
Cormac Mulhall (Demonware)
Cory Barlog (Santa Monica Studio)
Cory Lanham (Independent)
Craig Brown (Independent)
Craig Burkey (Independent)
Craig Charlton (OrangeTree)
Craig D. Adams (Superbrothers)
Craig Harris (Independent)
Craig Lupienski (TV and Lust)
Craig Spiers (Just Add Water)
Craig Thomas (Independent)
Craig Thompson (Xbox Fanboys UK)
Craig Timpany (Mostly Tigerproof)
Cristian Cornea (Ubisoft Bucharest)
Cristian Soulos (Spry Fox)
Cuauhtemoc Moreno (VillaVanilla)
Curial Lloses (Independent)
Cédric Courcelles (Independent)
D.W Roberts (Independent)
Dain Saint (Cipher Prime)
Dajana Dimovska (Knapnok Games)
Damian Isla (Moonshot Games)
Damian Sommer (Independent)
Damien Duvot (Independent)
Damion Schubert (Bioware Austin)
Damon Holzborn (Rustle Works)
Damon Reece (Independent)
Dan Adelman (Independent)
Dan Bergren (Cerulean Labs)
Dan Helle (Wholehearted Games)
Dan Hulton (HitGrab)
Dan Marshall (Size Five Games)
Dan Matkowsky (Level Up Game Consulting)
Dan Melchione (Independent)
Dan Page (Opposable Games)
Dan Rizzo (Dash Gamer)
Dan Taylor (Thunderbox Entertainment)
Dan Van Winkle (Project M Dev Team)
Dana Cowley (Epic Games)
Dana Ruggiero (Bath Spa University)
Dani Landers (Studio Fawn)
Daniel Baker (Independent)
Daniel Baratta (Full Sail University)
Daniel Cambrand (DICE)
Daniel Chace (Harmonix)
Daniel Cherubini (Independent)
Daniel Cook (Spry Fox)
Daniel Dowsing (Opposable Games)
Daniel Dytert (Independent)
Daniel Fedor (Blue Bottle Games)
Daniel Helbig (Megagon Industries)
Daniel Hernandez (Independent)
Daniel Hindes (GameSpot)
Daniel Kaplan (Mojang)
Daniel Lim (Rockstar North)
Daniel Marx (Osmotic Studios)
Daniel Neve (CD Projekt Red)
Daniel Platt (Fatshark)
Daniel Ponce (Crater House)
Daniel Pots (VR Bits)
Daniel Reynolds (University of Central Lancashire)
Daniel Salsberg (Boston Post Mortem)
Daniel Santeugini (Codiwans S.L, Thousand Gears LTD)
Daniel Schulz (Independent)
Daniel Switzer (Winchester University)
Daniel Ågren (bitslap)
Danijel Djuric (Fatshark)
Danny Day (QCF Design)
Danny Goodayle (Just a Pixel)
Danny Olefsky (Independent)
Danny Perski (Independent)
Danny Savage (Independent)
Darby McDevitt (Ubisoft Montreal)
Dario Deponti (Mixel)
Darren Scott (Right 12 Degrees)
Darrenlloyd Gent (University of Greenwich)
Dave Beaudoin (Digital Game Museum)
Dave Calabrese (Cerulean Games)
Dave Carrigg (Retro Affect)
Dave Cobb (Dainty Rhino)
Dave Flamburis (Independent)
Dave Gilbert (Wadjet Eye Games)
Dave Mariner (FunRigger)
Dave Mark (Intrinsic Algorithm)
Dave Rohrl (Independent)
Dave Wood (Cerebral Gardens)
David Arcila (Indepentent)
David Bray (Quest’s End Games)
David Calvo (Independent)
David Crooks (BioWare)
David Edery (Spry Fox)
David Ellis (343 Industries)
David Evans (Hybrid Mind Studios)
David Flor (Darklight Interactive)
David Goldfarb (Independent)
David Guida (g-NET)
David Hayward (YMPT)
David Hellman (Independent)
David Helmer (Independent)
David Heslop (Independent)
David Holmes (Independent)
David Hult (Independent)
David J. Evans (Independent)
David Kalina (Tiger Style)
David Kaye (Gaming Insiders)
David Koontz (Boldly Games)
David Mansfield (A is for Effort)
David Marsh (NimbleBit)
David Mitchell (Two Tails)
David Nilsson (Fatshark)
David Nottingham (Dynamighty)
David Osborne (Jagex)
David Pittman (Minor Key Games)
David Pumpa (SCEA)
David Reilly (Simteractive)
David Rosen (Wolfire Games)
David Rusak (DrinkBox Studios)
David Ryan Paul (Atom Jack)
David S Gallant (David S Gallant)
David Slauenwhite (Anjel Syndicate)
David Smit (Independent)
David Swift (Independent)
David Thatcher (Ninja Theory)
David Thomson (Ludometrics)
David Wagner (Ludometrics)
David Wicks (Independent)
Davin Pavlas (Riot Games)
Daz Watford (Independent)
Dean Gifford (Preliminal Games)
Dean O’Donnell (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Dean Walshe (2k Aus)
Deborah Calvin (Gamersaurs)
Dee Patel (Fat Pebble)
Deirdra “Squinky” Kiai (UC Santa Cruz, Independent)
Del Hartin (Exient)
Denis Goldmann (GoodGame Studios)
Denis Levchik (Changyou)
Denise Jordão (Samsung)
Denman Rooke (Digit Game Studios)
Dennis Furia (The Level)
Dennis Parchainski (Respectful Gamer)
Dennis Ranke (keen games)
Derek Faraci (Scientifically Proven)
Derek Rumpler (Alkterios Games)
Derek van Vliet (Get Set Games Inc.)
Derk Rohlfs (Daedalic Entertainment)
Derrick Sanskrit (The A.V. Club, Gameological)
Destry Cloud (Video Game Wundercast, Independent)
Devin Horsman (Twisted Oak Studios)
Devin Reimer (Owlchemy Labs)
Diane Berry (Independent)
Diego Barrera (Ulpo Media)
Diego E. Garcia (Secret Crush)
Diego M. Martinez (Quarantine Interactive)
Dillon Rogers (Independent)
Dino Dini (Independent)
Dmitry Rekman (Epic Games)
Dominic Couture (Ubisoft Montréal)
Dominik Johann (Independent)
Dominique Boutin (Digit Game Studios)
Don Becker (Unwinnable)
Don Behm (Offworld Arcade)
Doug Binks (enkisoftware)
Doug Hill (Kixeye)
Doug Segal (Independent)
Douglas Symon (Kyy Games)
Douglas Wilson (Die Gute Fabrik)
Dr Esther MacCallum-Stewart (Digital Games Research Association UK)
Dren Crosswii (Hyper Thetical Games)
Drew Davidson (CMU ETC)
Drew Gottfried (Independent)
Drew Petersen (Spotify)
Duncan Botwood (Ubisoft)
Dustin Cash (Independent)
Dustin Triplett (Geekenstein Media, Corgis On Fire)
Dustin Westphal (Independent)
Dylan Cuthbert (Q-Games)
Dylan Deverill (Microsoft)
Dylan Jacobson (Independent)
Dylan McKenzie (NYU Game Center)
Dylan Schneider (Sunset Surfers)
E McNeill (Independent)
Eamon Murtagh (Preloaded)
Ed Costello (Independent)
Ed Fear (Mediatonic)
Ed Forth (RetroGameCon)
Ed Fries (Independent)
Ed Kay (Dynamighty)
Ed Key (Twisted Tree Games)
Ed Orman (Uppercut Games)
Ed Stern (Splash Damage)
Edmond Chang (Drew University)
Eduardo Hulshof (Ubisoft Toronto)
Eduardo Sempé (WB Games Montreal)
Edward Melville (The Alpha Company)
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell (Official Xbox Magazine)
Eevi Korhonen (Remedy Entertainment)
Eileen Hollinger (Funomena)
Elijah Houck (Rockstar New England)
Eline Muijres (Game Oven)
Elisabeth Beinke-Schwartz (Certain Affinity)
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Elizabeth Olson (Independent)
Elizabeth Sampat (Independent)
Elizabeth Wetton (Independent)
Elizabeth Zelle (Deep Silver Volition)
Elliot Brodzki (Apportable)
Elliot Pinkus (Uken Games)
Elliott Mitchell (Vermont Digital Arts)
Emiel Kampen (Independent)
Emil Englund (Arrowhead Game Studios)
Emil Ernerfeldt (Arrowhead Game Studios)
Emil Johansen (AngryAnt)
Emilia J. K. (Fatshark)
Emily Blizzard (Independent)
Emily C. Taylor (Sony Online Entertainment)
Emily Greer (Kongregate)
Emily Knox (CCP Games)
Emily Olmstead (SNK Playmore)
Emma Delage (Ubisoft)
Emma Mellander (Tarsier Studios)
Emmanuel Corno (Amplitude Studios)
Emmeline Dobson (emeraldsong)
Emmet Byrne (Explosive Ruins)
Emrah Ozer (Independent)
Emyl Merzoud (Rovio)
Enrick Lambert (Independent)
Enzo Menegazzi (Independent)
Eric Blomquist (Enlightened Games)
Eric Braxton (Independent)
Eric Chon (Independent)
Eric Hornby (Independent)
Eric Jannot (Waza Games)
Eric Jež (Dark Corner Studios)
Eric Jordan (Codename Entertainment)
Eric Lahaie (ICEGANG)
Eric Neuhaus (Virtually Competent)
Eric O’Sullivan (Independent)
Eric Poulton (Henchmen)
Eric Sernfalk (DICE)
Eric Smith (Rush Industries)
Erich N. Bou (Independent)
Erick Sala (Independent)
Erik Asmussen (82 Apps)
Erik Elgerot (Paradox Interactive)
Erik Nygren (Independent)
Erik Odeldahl (DICE)
Erik Svedäng (Independent)
Erika S. Kling (Fatshark)
Erin Hoffman (GlassLab)
Erin Robinson (Ivy Games, Independent)
Erinc Salor (Amsterdam University College)
Ernest Adams (Adams Consulting Services UK)
Ernie Pang (Bake450)
Esmee Otter (GamerNL)
Esteban Cuevas (Independent)
Esteban Fajardo (University of Southern California)
Ethan James Petty (Ubisoft)
Ethan Levy (FamousAspect)
Etienne Bailleul (Amplitude Studios)
Euan McCutcheon (Independent)
Eugene Kuczerepa (DICE)
Eva Sykora (bitComposer Entertainment)
Evan Balster (Interactopia LLC)
Evan Boynton (Colorado School of Mines)
Evan Gary (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Evan Jones (Independent)
Evan Livelo (Vandenn Games)
Evie Powell (Verge Of Brilliance LLC)
Fabian Giesen (RAD Game Tools)
Fabian Schaub (Navel)
Fabiano Raffaelli (Indipendent)
Federico Fasce (Urustar)
Felicia McEntire (Independent)
Felix Bohatsch (Broken Rules)
Felix Meusel (Mittelschule Malschwitz)
Fernando Ramallo (Independent)
Fiona Burrows (Stompy Blondie Games, Independent)
Fiona Cherbak (ThemePark Studios)
Flaminia Grimaldi (Indievault)
Florence Vaillant (Ubisoft San Francisco)
Florentin Rieger (Independent)
Florian Holzner (BarCraft Austria)
Florian Keßeler (Independent)
Florian Masuth (Black Pants Game Studio)
Florian Merz (Gameforge)
Florian Smolka (Mimimi Productions)
Floyd Bishop (Atom Jack)
Folmer Kelly (Sets and Settings)
Forrest Dowling (Independent)
Forrest Taber-Thomas (Independent)
Francesco Tosato (Wooga)
Franck Vacher (Ubisoft)
Francois Roughol (Independent)
Francois van Niekerk (Clockwork Acorn)
Frank Olvera (VOSC, Independent)
Frankie Kang (Independent)
Frankie Punzi (University of Portsmouth)
Franklin Leon (University of North Texas)
Frans Mäyrä (University of Tampere)
Franziska Zeiner (Wooga)
Fraser McCormick (Grumpy Ferret)
Frau Zimmy (PWRUP)
Frederik Hermund (Creative Spark Studios)
Frederik Schirra (Cologne Game Lab)
Fredrik Eriksson (Arrowhead Game Studios)
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Fredrik Walløe (16bitkings/Gamereactor)
Fredrik Wester (Paradox Interactive)
Friedrich Hanisch (Rat King)
Fırat Akyıldız (LEVEL Magazine Turkey)
Gabor Dosa (Artery Games)
Gabriel Cuesta Arza (Alicante)
Gabriel Loignon (Ubisoft Montreal)
Gabriel Naro (Mgaia Studio)
Gabriela Richard (Independent)
Galen Davis (Blind Squirrel Games)
Galit Gordon (Gaming Cypher)
Gambardella (Thousand Gears)
Ganesh Chandrasekaran (Independent)
Gareth Fouche (Rogue Moon Studios)
Gareth Lewin (Twitch)
Garrett Pillatzki (Independent)
Garry Casey (Ghost Games UK)
Gary Kings (Shady Agents, University of South Wales)
Gavin Skeels (SkeelsyShoota)
Gavin Young (Ubisoft Montreal)
Gene Gacho (The Studio of Secret Six)
Geoffrey Engelstein (Ludology)
Georg Hobmeier (Causa Creations)
George Buckenham (Independent)
George Gu (American University)
George Khandaker-Kokoris (Failbetter Games)
George Royer (White Whale Games)
George S. Blott (Independent)
Georgina Zuzek (Independent)
Gerard Delaney (Independent)
Gianfranco Berardi (GBGames)
Giorgio Pomettini (Independent)
Giovanni Nakpil (Oculus VR)
Giselle Rosman (GDAA)
Giuseppe Enrico Franchi (34BigThings)
Glenn Hernandez (Funomena)
Gord McLeod (Fiction Improbable)
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Gordon Biggans (Splash Damage)
Gordon Emmerson (Milwaukee School of Engineering)
Gordon Midwood (different cloth)
Gordon Schipper (Braunschweig Kolleg)
Gordon Sinclair (Replay Events Ltd)
Grace Tree (Independent)
Graeme Devine (GRL Games)
Graham Davis (TinyMob Games)
Graham Fenech (Independent)
Graham Ranson (Glitch Games)
Graham Ross (Telltale Games)
Graham Sullivan (DevShock games)
Grant Garrett (CNIAngel)
Grant Parker (Crystal Dynamics)
Grant Shonkwiler (Epic)
Greg Bliss (GlassLab)
Greg Essig (Apple)
Greg Tito (Independent)
Gregg Tavares (Independent)
Gregor Gullwi (Ubisoft Massive)
Gregory Gay (4 Color Rebellion)
Grit Schuster (Independent)
Guillaume Colomb (343i)
Guillaume Marcotte (Ubisoft Montreal)
Guillaume Piette (Larian Studios)
Guillermo Rivas (Independent)
Guillermo Sanchez (Independent)
Gurleen “TwiTNiT” Singh (Independent)
Gustav Bok (The Game Assembly)
Gustav Pantzar-Karlsson (Pieces Interactive)
Guts Rodsavas (GPTouch)
Guy Blomberg (PAX Aus)
Guy Galer (twist-edgames)
Guy Kogus (Cowboy Games)
Gwen Guo (Imba Interactive)
Gökberk Yanik (Independent)
Hal Milton (Independent)
Hannah Brown (Media Design School)
Hannes Flor (Hypnotic Owl)
Hans Dunnik (Sneaky Mammoth)
Hans Reifenrath (
Hans van Brakel (SOEDESCO)
Hans van Vliet (7bit Hero)
Haris Odobasic (Daily D-Pad)
Harri Manninen (Shark Punch)
Harrison Lemke (Independent)
Harry Lee (Independent)
Harry Lundström (Independent)
Harvey Smith (Arkane Studios)
Hashim Yaqub (University of Bath)
Hasnul Samsudin (MyGameDev2020)
Heather Kelley (Perfect Plumb)
Heidi McDonald (Schell Games)
Heinz Schuller (Independent)
Helen Simm (Codemasters)
Henrik Flink (Visiontrick Media)
Henrik Jonsson (Net Entertainment)
Henrik Sebring (King)
Henrique Olifiers (Bossa Studios)
Henry Smith (Independent)
Hervé Gengler (Ivory Tower Studio)
Hien Pham (Independent)
Hilary O’Shaughnessy (Independent)
Hilgard Bell (Clockwork Acorn)
Holly Pickering (Indieful Entertainment)
Howard Go (MochiBits, Inc.)
Howard Philpott (Deco Digital)
Hsin Yang Ho (Independent)
Hugo Carr (King)
Håkan Frisk (Might and Delight)
Iain Key (Hail of Bullets Software)
Iain Lowson (Independent)
Iain McGregor (Independent)
Iain Wilson (GamesRadar)
Ian Bullard (Aspyr Media)
Ian Cummings (Zynga)
Ian Dickson (Independent)
Ian Hamilton (Independent)
Ian McGee (SailByte Productions, LLC)
Ian Ryan (Ubisoft)
Ian Schreiber (RIT)
Ian Stubbington (Gameloft)
Ian Sutton (Climax Studios)
Ian Wexler (Independent)
Ibrahim Anwar Mohammed (Lancaster University)
Ida Marie Toft (Copenhagen Game Collective)
Ignacio Reinosa (Revogamers)
Igor Bushovskiy (GeeksForLess)
Igor Kononov (EAshooters)
Ilari Lehtinen (RedLynx)
Ilya Zarembsky (Independent)
Inge Wilms (University of Copenhagen)
Ingmar uit de Bos (Monogon Games)
Irvin De La Cruz (UC Santa Barbara)
Isaac Barry (Independent)
Isaac Woods (Elysian Game Dev)
Isaiah Hinkler (SAE-QANTM)
Itay Keren (Untame)
Ivan Garde (Wooga)
Ivo Macík (MU Game Studies)
J. J. Richards (Independent)
J. Kyle Pittman (Minor Key Games)
J.T. Vandenbree (Riot Games)
Jacek Wesołowski (Independent)
Jack de Quidt (The Tall Trees)
Jack Everitt (Mercator Games)
Jack Gardner (Extra Life)
Jack Hamilton (FuturLab)
Jack Marshall (Tofu-Testing)
Jacob Koonce (Independent)
Jacob Lind (The Game Assembly)
Jacob May (Independent)
Jacob Salas (Independent)
Jacob Shaw (Whiskey Reviews, Independent)
Jacob Sirotta (Independent)
Jacque Choi (Eidos)
Jade Raymond (Ubisoft Toronto)
Jaime Buelta (DemonWare)
Jake Posner (Independent)
Jakob Tures (Independent)
James Arthur (Ubisoft Montreal)
James Bulman (Rockstar North)
James Cash (Penyo Pal/Lean Pixel)
James Chong (Cause Effect)
James Clements (Evil Twin Artworks)
James Coote (Crystalline Green Ltd.)
James Cullinane (Gameplanet)
James Emmins (Hutch Games Ltd)
James Golding (Epic Games)
James Green (Carbon Games)
James Grieve (Independent)
James Gwertzman (PlayFab)
James Hofmann (Independent)
James Hostetler (Independent)
James Howard (Ninja Theory)
James Jackson (Independent)
James Kay (Score Studios)
James Kite (Themarkfront, Independent)
James Knack (Twinfinite)
James Ledger (Independent)
James Leung (Bioware Edmonton)
James Marion (NYU)
James Marwood (Independent)
James McCaughern (Eutechnyx)
James Mouat (Ghost Games, EA)
James Nadiger (Ubisoft Montreal)
James Pinnell (Games On Net)
James Swirsky (BlinkWorks)
James Wallis (Spaaace the games consultancy)
James Weir (Independent)
Jamie Adams (Media Molecule)
Jamie Cheng (Klei Entertainment Inc.)
Jamie Dexter (Independent)
Jamie Fristrom (Happion Laboratories)
Jamie Grant (Independent)
Jamie Knight (Independent)
Jamie Sefton (Game Republic)
Jamil Moledina (Google)
Jan David Hassel (YAGER)
Jan Degans (Ubisoft Paris)
Jan Goh (Ubisoft Montreal)
Jan Hackl (Broken Rules)
Jana Reinhardt (Rat King)
Jane Pinckard (Independent)
Janel Drewis (Telltale Games)
Janne Kaitila (Pelaaja magazine)
Jannis Krämer (University of Hamburg)
Janos Honkonen (Independent)
Jared Barboza (Frag Castle Games)
Jared Evans (NinjaBee Games)
Jarrett Smith (Triple J Studios)
Jasmine Aguilar (Nix Hydra, University of Southern California)
Jason Alan McLain (Independent)
Jason Attard (Bioware Austin)
Jason Bakker (League of Geeks)
Jason Canam (DrinkBox Studios)
Jason Coleman (Sparkypants Studios)
Jason Dinges (Independent)
Jason Fugate (Hypnos Entertainment)
Jason Gerard (BDA Entertainment)
Jason Imms (Word Mercenary)
Jason Kapalka (Independent)
Jason Kim (Cardboard Utopia)
Jason L Blair (Deep Silver Volition)
Jason Lutece (Independant, University of Toronto)
Jason Maltzen (Hidden Achievement)
Jason Morales (Independent)
Jason Smith Spencer (Kingsoft)
Jason VandenBerghe (Ubisoft Montreal)
Jason Varlet (Q-Games)
Jason Weesner (Academy of Art University)
Javier Degirolmo (Azura Sun)
Javier Liendo (Independent)
Javier Martínez Vidal (Mechanic Moon Studio)
Jay Acevedo (Ubisoft)
Jay Contonio (Mindspace)
Jay Koottarappallil (WhiteMoon Dreams)
Jay Twining (Former Molten Games)
JC Ricks (Virtual Heroes)
Jean Guesdon (Ubisoft Montreal)
Jean Moreno (Independent)
Jean-Francois Lévesque (Ubisoft Toronto)
Jean-Matthieu Gennisson (Game Atelier)
Jean-Philippe Sarda (Independent)
Jeb Alvarado (Independent)
Jef Rouner (Independent)
Jeff Campbell (Tapestry)
Jeff Nachbaur (Other Ocean Interactive)
Jeff Regis (Abertay University)
Jeff Rose (Axon Interactive, Humber College)
Jeff Watson (University of Southern California)
Jeffery Genery (Independent)
Jeffrey Larkin (NetherRealm Studios)
Jeffrey Matulef (Eurogamer)
Jeffrey Rosen (Humble Bundle)
Jemma Harris (22cans)
Jen MacLean (Independent)
Jen Simpkins (16bitkings)
Jennell Jaquays (Olde Sküül, Inc.)
Jennifer Birch (Ubisoft Reflections)
Jennifer Schneidereit (Nyamyam)
Jenny Son (Independent)
Jens Holze (Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg)
Jens Rosemann (Independent)
Jens Scholz (United Digital Group)
Jens-Kristian Nielsen (Logic Artists)
Jeppe Hayden (Independent)
Jere Ranta (Tomodomo)
Jeremiah Freyholtz (Blue Flame Labs)
Jeremiah Pena (Independent
Jeremy Gibson Bond (ExNinja Interactive, University of Michigan Ann Arbor)
Jeremy Jabour (Swinburne)
Jeremy Lonien (Superlevel)
Jeremy Spillmann (Blindflug Studios)
Jeremy Vanhoozer (PopCap)
Jeroen D Stout (Stout Games)
Jeroen Frans (Independent)
Jeroen Krebbers (Guerrilla Games)
Jeroen Roding (Guerrilla Games)
Jerome Hagen (Microsoft Studios)
Jerome lanquetot (Godzi Lab)
Jerome Paul Esteban (Gumi)
Jerry Belich (Monkey with a Mustache)
Jerry Jonsson (Storm Potion)
Jesper Engström (Talawa Games)
Jesper Krogh Kristiansen (Independent)
Jesper Nielsen (DICE/ESN)
Jess ‘Jiggsy’ Hodgson (EA Australia)
Jess Hyland (Independent)
Jesse Fuchs (Independent)
Jesse Knapp (Ubisoft Toronto)
Jesse van Hooff (Independent)
Jesse Vigil (Psychic Bunny, USC Games, Independent)
Jessica Brard (Ubisoft)
Jessica Saunders (Rocksteady)
Jesús Alonso Abad (Independent)
Jesús Fabre (Independent)
Jill Harrington (Blizzard Entertainment)
Jillian Ogle (Aylo Games)
Jim Collier (Independent)
Jim Hejl (Electronic Arts)
Jim Toepel (Independent)
Jim Truher (Half-Bit Software)
Jim Vessella (SuperMoon Games)
Jiri Zlatohlavek (Bohemia Interactive)
Jo Lammert (White Whale Games)
Joachim Holmér (Neat Corporation)
Joachim Persson (Södertörn University College)
Jobye Karmaker (Ubisoft Toronto)
Jocelyn Reyes (Independent)
Jodediah Holems (Independent)
Joe Cavers (Rockstar North)
Joe Hocking (Synapse Games)
Joe Köller (Haywire Magazine)
Joe Lamont-Fisher (My Go Studio)
Joe Piepiora (Carbine Studios)
Joe Robins (Unity)
Joe Santos (Ice Station Alpha)
Joe Schutte (Ready at Dawn Studios)
Joe Siegler (Independent)
Joe Spradley (Playfluent)
Joe Stevens (ExNinja Interactive)
Joe Tortuga (Tortuga Games)
Joe Wintergreen (Impromptu Games)
Joel Atkinson (Hardlight)
Joel Bartley (Insomniac Games)
Joel Danielsson (Might and Delight)
Joel Nyström (Ludosity)
Joerg Piringer (Independent)
Jogi Neufeld (SUBOTRON)
Johan Aronsson (Independent)
Johan Glysing (CodeWorks)
Johan Hellberg (Pieces Interactive AB)
Johan Svensson (Independent)
Johan Toresson (Gameport)
Johannes Wadin (Toadman Interactive)
John Berry (Bedroom Wall Press/Independent)
John Bizzarro (AppAbove Games)
John Bujalski (Independent)
John Close (Independent)
John Davison (Independent)
John Elliot (Dynamighty)
John Epler (BioWare)
John Girvin (Six Echo Studios)
John Groot (DePaul University)
John Lethbridge (Archaic Studios)
John Milanowski (Independent)
John Murphy (Young Horses)
John Noonan (Microsoft)
John Pile Jr (Atom Jack)
John Polson (Indie Fund, Media Indie Exchange)
John Robertson (Independent)
John Rogers-Oliver (A Stranger Gravity)
John Ryan (ArenaNet)
John Sharp (Local No. 12, Parsons The New School for Design)
John Stirzaker (4DX Games)
John Turner (Independent)
John Vaskis (Indiegogo)
John Vechey (PopCap Games)
John Wikberg (Ghost Games, EA)
John Young (Kabam)
Johnny Blakeborough (Desert Bus for Hope, Vancouver Island University)
Johnny DelToro (Independent)
Jon Ambrose (University of Texas)
Jon Colverson (Never Don’t Play)
Jon Ingold (inkle Ltd)
Jon McElroy (Funomena)
Jon Renish (Ubisoft)
Jon Riggall (Independent)
Jon Shiring (Respawn Entertainment)
Jon Svenonius (Goo Technologies)
Jon Yang (UCLA)
Jonas Antonsson (Paradox Interactive)
Jonas Hultén (Ghost Games)
Jonas Johansson (King)
Jonas Maaløe (Glitchnap)
Jonatan Crafoord (That Brain)
Jonatan Pöljö (Mojang)
Jonatan Van Hove (Glitchnap)
Jonatan Yde (Dania Games)
Jonathan Alvarado (Independent)
Jonathan Axford (Independent)
Jonathan Burroughs (Variable State)
Jonathan Cooper (Naughty Dog)
Jonathan Dankoff (Ubisoft)
Jonathan Du Toit (DTB GAMES)
Jonathan Fenyes (Independent)
Jonathan Gard (Frogsong Studios)
Jonathan Hise Kaldma (Independent)
Jonathan Hollister (Independent)
Jonathan Holmes (Destructoid, Nintendo Force, Sup Holmes)
Jonathan Kittaka (Independent)
Jonathan Logsdon (Deep Silver Volition)
Jonathan Neves (A Maniacal Game)
Jonathan Rousseau (Cyanide Studio)
Jools Watsham (Renegade Kid)
Joonas Laakso (Remedy Entertainment)
Jordan Ajlouni (Deep Silver Volition)
Jordan Brown (Independent)
Jordan Lynn (DSVolition)
Jordan Mechner (Independent)
Jordan Thomas (Question LLC)
Jorge Palacios (Independent)
Jose Abalos (Avalanche Software)
Josef Kotlaba (Independent)
Josef Vorbeck (Chasing Carrots)
Josep Maria Sempere (Eurogamer Spain)
Joseph Cassano (Ubisoft Toronto)
Joseph Grossmann (Independent, SCAD)
Joseph Hewitt (Independent)
Joseph Humfrey (inkle Ltd)
Joseph Knight (Independent)
Josh “Cheeseness” Bush (Independent)
Josh Bayer (CCP Games)
Josh Bishop (Subterranean Games)
Josh Cole (Artistry in Games)
Josh DeWolfe (Snakehead Games)
Josh Dowell (Siena Heights University)
Josh Hamrick (Bungie)
Josh Holmes (343 Industries)
Josh Hughes (Add-A-Tudez, Team KAIZEN)
Josh Larson (That Dragon, Cancer)
Josh Melnick (New York University)
Josh Montoute (Thinksquirrel)
Josh Mosqueira (Blizzard Entertainment)
Josh Stack (University of Technology Sydney)
Josh Thomas (Carbine Studios)
Josh Unsworth (NFTS)
Joshua Caleb (Independent)
Joshua Dennison (Independent)
Joshua Fields (Fantastic Arcade)
Joshua Hallaran (Independent)
Joshua Howard (Denius-Sams Gaming Academy, UT Austin)
Joshua Howard (Independent)
Joshua Mathews (Independent)
Joshua Tsui (Robomodo)
José Arias (Independent)
José Carlos Castillo (VaDeJuegos)
José Herráez (Tequila Works)
José Manuel Bringas (IGN Spain)
Jouni Lahtinen (Penguin DT)
Joy Vega (King)
JP LeBreton (Double Fine Productions)
Juan Rubio (
Juho Glad (Independent)
Jukio Kallio (Independent)
Jukka Laakso (Rival Games Ltd)
Jukka Merikanto (Bugbear Entertainment)
Jules Morgan (Eidos Montreal)
Juli Logemann (Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios)
Julia Keren-Detar (Untame)
Julian Ceipek (Carthage Games, University of Southern California)
Julian Eggebrecht (TouchFactor)
Julian Gerighty (Ubisoft)
Julian Spillane (DHX Media)
Julie Beet (Vermont Digital Arts)
Julien Huguenin (Ubisoft Paris)
Julien Koenen (keen games)
Julien Lavoie (EA)
Juliette Dupre (Gameloft)
Juliette Foucaut (enkisoftware)
Jurie Horneman (Independent)
Justin Berenbaum (505 Games, Inc.)
Justin Blankenship (Hit Detection)
Justin Burgin (Independent)
Justin Cox (Hammerwing Studios)
Justin Dazet (Sony Online Entertainment)
Justin Garza (Independent)
Justin Gilman (Cephalopod Studios)
Justin Hall (Independent)
Justin Korthof (Robot Entertainment)
Justin Levy (Ubisoft)
Justin Pierce (Overpowered Games)
Justin Rosenthal-Kambic (Telltale Games)
Juul Joosten (Independent)
Jyri Kilpeläinen (Independent)
Jyri Partanen (IGDA)
Jóhannes Sigurðsson (Plain Vanilla Games)
Kadan Sharpe (Independent)
Kai Hübner (VirtualGrasp)
Kain Shin (Independent)
Kaitlyn Kincaid (Independent)
Kaja Mikoszewska (Independent)
Kalle Värälä (Tampere University of Applied Sciences)
Karen Lowry (Animus Interactive)
Kari Storla (University of Southern California)
Kari Toyama (PopCap Games)
Karim Safa (Independent)
Karl Bogucki (Independent)
Karl Dorksen-Smart (Wild Talk Radio, Independent)
Karl Ljungberg (Independent)
Karl Onnee (Jagex)
Karl Werf (Fatshark AB)
Karl Zylinski (Autodesk)
Karlenea Brown (Independent)
Kat Unsworth (Exient, De Montfort University)
Kate Edwards (IGDA)
Kate Meehan (Bulltiger Inc.)
Katelyn Gadd (Independent)
Katelyn Gigante (Independent)
Katharina Tillmanns (Games for Change Europe)
Katherine de León (GSN Games)
Kathrin Schulte (Bigpoint)
Katie Better (Rockstar)
Katie Doran (Microsoft)
Katja Reitemeyer (Intel Corporation)
Katy Andrews (Xbox Australia)
Katy M. Smith (Independent)
Kaweh Kazemi (Team Vienna Games)
Kayleigh Thorpe (Albinofruit)
Keith Couret (We Die To Dream)
Keith Judge (Epic Games)
Keith Lord (Independent)
Keith Nemitz (Mousechief)
Keith Shingle (Full Sail University)
Keith Thorburn (Rockstar North)
KeithR Butler (Independent)
Kellee Santiago (Independent)
Kelly Graham (Abertay University)
Kelsey Gamble (Independent)
Ken Bartolome (Independent)
Kenneth Scott (OculusVR)
Kenny Backus (Snowcastle)
Kenny Zeegers (Independent)
Kent Hudson (Orthogonal Games)
Kent Quirk (Independent)
Kepa Auwae (Rocketcat Games)
Kevin Harris (Independent)
Kevin John (Independent)
Kevin Jorge (BBC Worldwide)
Kevin Ng (Independent)
Kevin Veale (Massey University)
Kevin Wong (USC)
Kevin Yanes (Bungie)
Kevin Zhang (Serenity Forge)
Keylan Qazzaz (Independent)
Khaled Abdel Rahman (Niantic Labs @ Google)
Khris Brown (Ubisoft, Double Fine)
Kieran Duggan (Independent)
Kieran Keegan (Magic Notion)
Kiettikoon Amornrat (Sattha Samut School)
Killian Chargualaf (Independent)
Kim McAuliffe (Microsoft Studios)
Kim Pallister (Intel Corporation)
Kim Payson (Independent)
Kim Restad (Independent)
Kim Visnes (Gamereactor)
Kirsten Duvall (Unity Technologies)
Kirsty Rigden (FuturLab)
Kitsunami Lupo (Animus Interactive)
Klaus Lyngeled (Zoink)
Knut Espen Haug (Independent)
Koen Deetman (KeokeN Interactive)
Kon Krell (Pixelburg)
Konstantin Kopka (Independent)
Konstantinos Dimopoulos (Kyttaro Games)
Kraig Walker (Independent)
Kris Cedric Kästel (Independent)
Kris Piotrowski (Capy)
Kristen Lendvai (Independent)
Krister Cederlund (KJ Interactive)
Krister Collin (Independent)
Kristian Lindström (Pieces Interactive AB)
Kristian Moström (King)
Kristin Bezio (University of Richmond)
Kristin Knillmann (GIGA GAMES)
Kristina Rothe (Microsoft)
Kristjan Zadziuk (Ubisoft Toronto)
Kristofer Peterson (Limitingbeta)
Kristoffer Bergqvist (DICE)
Kristy Norindr (messhof, llc.)
Kristín Guðmundsdóttir (Kvasir Games)
Krystian Majewski (Independent)
Kyle Arsenault (Independent)
Kyle Cabral (TellTale Games, USC, Castle & Keep Productions)
Kyle Newton (Independent)
Kyle Reimergartin (Independent)
Kyle Worthington (Independent)
Lance James (Independent)
Lance T Hildebrand (Forgotten Tale)
Laralyn McWilliams (Independent)
Larry Docherty (Ubisoft Montreal)
Larry Johnson (Miga Collabs)
Lars Kroll (Ratatosk Games)
Lars Thormeyer (yourPSVita)
Lasse Honnens (Independent)
Lasse Jon Fuglsang Pedersen (Playdead)
Lau Korsgaard (KnapNok Games)
Laura Bularca (Independent)
Laura Crawford (Swinburne University of Technology)
Lauren Admire (Ubisoft)
Lauren Frazer (Ubisoft Reflections)
Lawrence Hernandez (University of Texas Pan-American)
Lee Beever (Independent)
Lee Perry (Independent)
Lee Scheinbeim (EA)
Leigh Forgie (The Digital Fix)
Leigh Harris (Flat Earth Games)
Lena LeRay (
Leo Toivio (Independent)
Leon Nash (Independent)
Leonard Mah (Ubisoft Singapore)
LeSean Payne (Academy of Art University)
Leszek Godlewski (Nordic Games)
Lewis Lambeth (King)
Liam O’Neill (Fatshark)
Liam O’Brien (Independent)
Liam Price (Liam Price Audio Design)
Liam Wong (Ubisoft Montreal)
Library Gamer (Independent)
Lina Tonegran (Storm Potion)
Lincoln Li (Certain Affinity)
Linda Hägg (16bitkings)
Linda Kiby (Paradox Interactive)
Linda Kruse (the Good Evil GmbH)
Lindsey Rostal (The Odd Gentlemen)
Line Jakobsen (Coffee Stain Studios)
Linnea Strid (Serious Fox)
Lisa Brown (Insomniac Games)
Lisa Evans (Stirfire Studios, Murdoch University)
Lisa Gasior (Ubisoft Montreal)
Lisa Reilly (Demonware)
Lisanne Pajot (BlinkWorks)
Lisy Kane (Independent)
Lizzie Cuevas (Humble Bundle)
Lloyd Crawley (Pyramid Inc)
Logan Blackburn (Independent)
Logan Dwight (The Soap Collective)
Lol Scragg (Binary Pumpkin)
Lorcan Murphy (Deep Silver Volition)
Lorenz De Broe (Arteveldehogeschool)
Lori Cole (Transolar Games)
Lorraine Starr (Yippee Entertainment)
Louis-Nicolas Dozois (Playbrains)
Loïc Fontaine (Ubisoft)
Luc Duchaine (Ubisoft)
Luca Esposito (Independent)
Lucas Adelholm (Archon Interactive)
Lucas Dias (Ilex Games)
Lucas J.W. Johnson (Silverstring Media)
Lucas Jones (Dubit)
Lucas van Tol (Guerrilla Games)
Lucian Carter (Independent)
Lucie Viatge (Independent)
Lucien Parsons (Independent)
Lucy Morris (Group Pug)
Luigi Fusco (Independent)
Luis Guimarães (Candango Games)
Luis Miranda (Betazeta)
Lukas Macura (Cinemax)
Luke Dicken (Robot Overlord Games Ltd)
Luke Henderson (Maxi-Geek)
Luke Noonan (RUST LTD.)
Luke Norman (Independent)
Luke Rogers (Rizer)
Luke Thompson (Independent)
Lukáš Kromholz (Masaryk University)
Lulu LaMer (Independent)
Luz Quiñonero (G4M3)
Luís Correia (Aberto até de Madrugada)
Lydia Choy (Independent)
Lyle Entwistle (Preloaded)
M.E. Chung (Bungie)
Madeleine Von Post (Fatshark)
Mads Johansen Lassen (Glitchnap)
Mads Peitersen (Kiloo Games)
Magdalena Cielecka (Artifex Mundi)
Magnus “Gordon” Gardebäck (Simogo)
Magnus Johansson (Arrowhead Game Studios)
Magnus Liljedahl (Fatshark)
Maheshini Govender (University of the Free State, South Africa)
Maja Persson (Microsoft Studios)
Malath Abbas (Quartic Llama)
Malin Söderberg (Paradox Interactive)
Malte Kosian (Independent)
Manuel Gimeno (LaPS3)
Manuel Halwachs (Independent)
Manuel Schwalm (Independent)
Marc D’Amico (Ubisoft Montreal)
Marc Luck (QCF Design)
Marc Majcher (Gizmet Gameworks)
Marc Watson (Mojang)
Marc Wilhelm (Marc Von Wilhelm) Champlain College
Marcel Hehenberger (Independent)
Marcel-André Casasola Merkle (Independent)
Marcello Monti (505 Games)
Marcelo Rigon (Ilex Games)
Marcin Traczyk (Tequila Games)
Marco Bisley (Independent)
Marco Sadowski (PatchNoteStudio)
Marco Ventilii (Milestone)
Marcos Bolton (Salsa nos seus Jogos)
Marcos Candido (Selecter)
Marcus Bösch (The Good Evil GmbH)
Marcus Nilsson (Ghost Games)
Mare Sheppard (Metanet Software)
Marek Bronstring (Independent)
Marek Plichta (Spaces of Play)
Marek Rabas (MADFINGER Games)
Margaret Moser (USC, Independent)
Maria Chyrvonaya (Renatus Media)
Maria Essig (Kongregate)
Maria Lemón (Rovio Entertainment)
Mariah Malczewska (Dark Smile Games)
Mariano Banister (Independent)
Marie Collion (Independent)
Marie-Blanche Stössinger (Wooga)
Marina Rossi (Urustar)
Mario Berluti (RetroGames e. V.)
Mario Castañeda (Prismatic Games)
Mark Alexander (Nocturne Games)
Mark Craig (Lucid Games)
Mark DeLoura (Independent)
Mark DeRidder (Infinity Ward)
Mark Erman (Dynamighty)
Mark Holmes (Dynamighty)
Mark Inman (Honeyslug)
Mark James (Bottled Lightning Studios)
Mark Lester Coscolluela Lacsamana (Ateneo de Manila University)
Mark Lubkowitz (
Mark McCook (Independent)
Mark Nau (Edge of Reality)
Mark Peterson (VisionaryX)
Mark Wonnacott (Independent)
Markus Bedenk (Brightside Games)
Markus Kark (Crenetic GmbH Studios)
Markus Montola (Housemarque)
Markus Rännare (Coffee Stain Studios)
Markus Störk (Hivegames)
Martin Brouard (Frima)
Martin Bruusgaard (Red Thread Games)
Martin Bunge-Meyer (King)
Martin Bussy-Pâris (Remedy Entertainment)
Martin Echenique (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
Martin Jonasson (grapefrukt games)
Martin Kvale (Krillbite Studio)
Martin Lindelöf (Independent)
Martin Linklater (Playrise)
Martin MacKinnon (Rockstar North)
Martin Maier (
Martin Middleton (Funomena)
Martin Nerurkar (Sharkbomb Studios)
Martin Oliver (HotStar)
Martin Pichlmair (Broken Rules)
Martin Pittenauer (TheCodingMonkeys)
Martin Raue (Wooga, ifoi-ware)
Martin Wisniowski (Nodepond)
Martin Zanter (Independent)
Masao Kobayashi (Ubisoft Montreal)
Mathew Clute (New Red Scare)
Mathew Davies (AYMG, Soton Solent University)
Mathew Everett (Electronic Arts)
Mathias Poulsen (CounterPlay Festival)
Mathias Verhasselt (Blizzard Entertainment)
Mathias Wahlin (Starside)
Mathieu Dugon (Gaslamp Games)
Mats Gisselson (Autodesk)
Mats Krengel (Bigpoint)
Matt Agnello (Riot Games)
Matt Albrecht (Fourplay Show)
Matt Brenner (AMI Entertainment)
Matt Cabanag (Macquarie University)
Matt Cangialosi (Indie Game Stand)
Matt Clarke (Ghost Games)
Matt Fleming (Trion Worlds)
Matt Glanville (Just Add Water)
Matt Kelly (EA)
Matt Kerr (Microsoft Studios)
Matt Korba (The Odd Gentlemen)
Matt Lightfoot (Bohemia Interactive)
Matt Michler (id Software)
Matt Millington (Real Talk Mode)
Matt Mirrorfish (Mirrorfish Media)
Matt Nelson (Independent)
Matt Parker (Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore)
Matt Phillips (Deep Silver Dambuster Studios)
Matt Rigg (Clapfoot Games)
Matt Rix (Milkbag Games)
Matt Scheurich (Independent)
Matt Scibilia (Critical Mass Interactive)
Matteo Bassi (University of Italy/Udine)
Matthew Annal (Nitrome)
Matthew De-Veale Cutts (Independent, University of Wales)
Matthew Doucette (Xona Games)
Matthew Dunthorne (Double Eleven)
Matthew Franklin (Double Fine Productions)
Matthew Griffin (Epic Games)
Matthew Hanlon (Bit By Bit Games)
Matthew Holland (Jagex)
Matthew Iacolino (Independent)
Matthew Luc (East Tennessee State University)
Matthew Marshall (University of Manchester, Independent)
Matthew Miller (Student, University of Greenwich)
Matthew Nordhaus (Harmonix)
Matthew Redmond (Independent)
Matthew Talsma (Western Michigan University)
Matthew VanDevander (Independent)
Matthias Burkhardt (University of Trier)
Matthias Haan (EGOSOFT)
Matthias Mach ( Klickaffen Studio )
Matthias Seyfferth (Ubisoft)
Matti Välimäki (Rovio Entertainment)
Mattia Ravanelli (IGN Italy)
Mattias Ljungström (Spaces of Play)
Mattias Wargren (Hello There)
Matty B (The Game Show)
Maurice Louis (Independent)
Mauricio Redondo (Arrowhead Game Studios)
Mauro Fanelli (MixedBag Games)
Max Collin (Onlinegamer Sweden)
Max Gladstone (Independent)
Max Hemingway (Independent)
Max Jay (The Video Game Podcast Show)
Max Meraner (Independent)
Max Morris (Sports Interactive)
Maxim Schoemaker (Monogon Games)
Maxime Doucet (Independent)
Maxime Ringot (Independent)
Maxime Rioux (Frima Studio)
Maximilian Csuk (IMakeGames)
Mayu Polo Wieja (Gameloft)
Megan Fox (Glass Bottom Games)
Megan Golinveaux (Independent)
Megan Vokal (Clockwork Demon)
Meggan Scavio (GDC)
Meghan Lee (Telltale Games)
Mel MacCoubrey (Ubisoft Quebec)
Mel Taylor (Osmotic Studios)
Melanie Christin (Atelier 801)
Melchior Corgié (Ubisoft Montreal)
Melvin Kwan (Independent)
Michael Amsden (Independent)
Michael Andersson (Ghost Games)
Michael Bacon (Firespark Media)
Michael Collins (DemonWare)
Michael Condrey (Sledgehammer Games)
Michael Elbert (Wooga)
Michael Figueroa (Jolly-Jolly Roger Studios, Full Sail)
Michael Förtsch (Independent)
Michael G Calvert (rawrsoft)
Michael Grass (PWRUP)
Michael Gray (Midnight Tinkering)
Michael Henretty (Mozilla)
Michael Herrera (Break Ground Game Studios)
Michael John (GlassLab)
Michael Kopp-Jones (Independent)
Michael Labbé (Frogtoss Games)
Michael Lasch (BipolarDesign)
Michael Libby (Worldbuildr, Inc.)
Michael List (Independent)
Michael Movel (Fat Pebble)
Michael O’Connor (Nintendo of Europe)
Michael Shaw (Kickstart Ventures)
Michael Stratton (Independent)
Michael Tisler (Cliffhanger-Productions)
Michael Townsend (doublespeak games)
Michael Vermeulen (Ubisoft)
Michael Voitz (Independent)
Michail Nenkov (IT University of Copenhagen)
Michal Pawlowski (Keypad.PL)
Michal Stec (CD Projekt RED)
Michaël Breyton (Amplitude Studios)
Michele Krüger (HTW Berlin)
Michele Sasso (48h Studio)
Michelle Hebert (Carbine Studios)
Michelle Hinn (IGDA Game Accessibility SIG)
Michelle Larson (WB Games San Francisco)
Mick Larkins (Hi-Rez Studios)
Miguel Castro (StandardX)
Miguel Vallés (Teku Studios)
Miika Huttunen (Pelaaja)
Miikka Lehtonen (
Mikael Nilsson (Ghost Games)
Mikael Säker (Independent)
Mike Berg (We Heart Games Inc.)
Mike Bithell (Independent)
Mike Crassweller (BoosterMedia)
Mike Dunn (Gaming Trend)
Mike Forst (IT Manager at Piranha Games)
Mike Froggatt (Xbox)
Mike Gnade (IndieGameStand)
Mike Hommel (Hamumu Games, Inc)
Mike Jones (Portal Entertainment UK)
Mike Kebby (Green Man Gaming)
Mike Mennillo (Ubisoft Montreal)
Mike Perrotto (That Dragon, Cancer)
Mike Rossmassler (Independent)
Mike Sell (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
Mike Sellers (Indiana University)
Mike Tata (Relevant Games)
Mike Ybarra (Xbox)
Mikel Calvo (Pulsar Concept)
Mikkel Lodahl (Dania Games)
Mikkel Svendsen (Playdead)
Mikko Rautalahti (Remedy Entertainment)
Mitch Lagran (Relic Entertainment)
Mitchell Hoes (Brainchild Game Development)
Mitchell Smallman (Rovio Entertainment)
Mithun Balraj (The Game Scrawl)
Mithun Hunsur (Independent)
Mitori Itoshiki (Independent)
Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris (The Tiniest Shark)
Mohammed Taher (Brave Wave Productions)
Mohan Rajagopalan (Atom Jack)
Momin Khan (Independent)
Monty Sharma (Massachusetts Digital Games Institute)
Moran Shemi (Mindlab Group)
Morgan Ramsay (Entertainment Media Council)
Morgan Romine (Independent)
Morten Nøst (Red Thread Games)
Morten Skaaning (Q-Games)
Moustafa Chamli (Studios LU/NE)
Muir Halleron (Train2Game, Independent)
Murat Ünver (Independent)
Murray Robertson (Independent)
Mykola Bilokonsky (Independent Developer)
Myles H.J Davies (Independent)
Myles O’Neill (Thylacine Games)
Måns Billing (Independent)
Mårten Jonsson (Tableflip Entertainment)
Mårten Stormdal (Fatshark)
Na’Tosha Bard (Unity Technologies)
Nadezda Chong (61 Planks)
Nadia Enis (Independent)
Nadine Vogel-Seitz (Alpha-Omegagaming)
Naemi Luckner (Independent)
Naseer Alkhouri (DICE)
Nasi Nduna (Independent)
Natalie Collins (Independent)
Natalie Mellin (King)
Natchakan Tawee (Ravolution Team Thailand)
Nate Heagy (Amuses Me Games)
Nate Rahmlow (Inverted Binary team)
Nathan Baseley (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
Nathan Black (Tiger Style, Mtuity, independent factotum)
Nathan Eror (MartianCraft)
Nathan M. Lodise (The Crotchety Old Gamer)
Nathan McCoy (Independent)
Nathan Reed (NVIDIA)
Nathan Scott (Polygon)
Nathan Stevens (Gaming Cypher)
Nathan Vella (Capy)
Nathaniel Ascroft (Edge Hill University)
Nathaniel Hohl (GameCrate)
Navid Khavari (Ubisoft Toronto)
Neal Tringham (Pseudonymz)
Nefer Doane (ndxp games)
Neil Alphonso (Splash Damage)
Neil Bennun (Independent)
Neil Littlejohns (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Neil Meikle (Bioware)
Nelson (Video Games and the Bible)
Ngoc Vu (Independent)
Niall Moody (Independent)
Nic Tringali (Independent)
Nic Watt (Nnooo)
Nich Maragos (Atlus USA)
Nicholas Fortugno (Playmatics)
Nicholas Lovell (GAMESbrief)
Nicholas Peterson (Independent)
Nici Goodfellow (Zimzala Studios)
Nick Borrego (The Domaginarium)
Nick Bowden (Independent)
Nick Button-Brown (Improbable)
Nick Calandra (Only Single Player)
Nick Hamson (Brigham Young University)
Nick Prühs (Slash Games)
Nick Tannahill (Firefly Studios)
Nick Waanders (Slick Entertainment Inc)
Nick Yonge (krangGAMES)
Nicklas Nygren (Independent)
Nicky Case (Independent)
Niclas Karlsson (Paradox North)
Nicolas Cannasse (Shiro Games)
Nicolas Jaujou (Ubisoft Montréal)
Nicolas Lopez (WB Games Montreal)
Nicolas Trillos (Independent)
Nicolo Accordino (Sony Computer Entertainment America)
Nicolò Robinson Tedeschi (Santa Ragione)
Nigel Davis (Independent)
Nik Clay (Independent)
Nik Holland (Independent)
Nikita Zarubin (Independent)
Nikkolai Davenport (Blackport Games)
Niklas Hansson (Defrost Games)
Niklas Henrixon (Independent)
Nikolai Lubkiewicz (Piranha Games Inc.)
Nils Deneken (Die Gute Fabrik)
Noah Falstein (Google)
Noah Schnoll (Independent)
Noe Nagata (Ubisoft)
Noel Llopis (SnappyTouch)
Noel Wheatley (Independent)
Nora Hannemann (Klonk Games)
Norbert Haacks (School 4 Games)
Nuno Donato (Independent)
Odin Omen (GamersDirectoy)
Ole Helland (Antagonist)
Oli Welsh (Eurogamer)
Oliver Janoschek (YAGER)
Oliver Schaub (Independent)
Olivier Lejade (Mekensleep)
Olle Håkansson (Image & Form)
Olli Aalto (Redlynx)
Olli Harjola (Independent)
Ollie Clarke (Modern Dream)
Ollie Smiles (EA)
Olof Karlsson (Independent)
Omar Cornut (Independent)
Ondrej Martinek (Blue Pulsar Games)
Onome Igharoro (Sterling Games)
Osama Dorias (Heroes Never Lose, DTI Software, Dawson College)
Otto Elggren (Fatshark)
Otto Germain (Independent)
Owain Davies (Rockstar North)
Owen Faraday (Pocket Tactics)
Owen Goss (Milkbag Games, Streaming Colour Studios)
Owen Harris (bitSmith Games, Dublin Institute of Technology)
Owen Lawson (Uken Games)
Pablo Gallego (Independent)
Pablo Saiz de Quevedo García (La Página Negra, Pixel Busters)
Paolo Pace (Ubisoft Montreal)
Paolo Pedercini (Molleindustria)
Paolo Tajé (Independent)
Pascal Bélanger (Ubisoft Montreal)
Pat Ashe (Independent)
Pat LaBine (BioWare)
Patrice Hermenault (Faraway Industries)
Patricia Pizer (Way Too Far)
Patricia Scott (P S Resourcing, Inc.)
Patrick Anthony Jr (independent)
Patrick Boelens (Independent)
Patrick Brophy (Explosive Ruins)
Patrick Fennig (Dr. Title Music)
Patrick Horgan (Independent)
Patrick Housley (Independent)
Patrick Hudson (Robot Entertainment)
Patrick Klug (Greenheart Games)
Patrick Liu (Rovio)
Patrick Moran (Amazon Game Studios)
Patrick Scarborough (Riot Games)
Patrick Smith (Vectorpark, Inc)
Patrik Wennersten (Fatshark)
Paul Browning (Independent)
Paul Cosgrove (YoYo Games)
Paul Hamilton (Independent)
Paul Norris (Mad Fellows)
Paul Pridham (Madgarden)
Paul Saukas (Independent)
Paul Vauvrey (Space Bears)
Paul Winchester (Independent)
Paul Yance (Coffestain Studios)
Pawel Frelik (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University)
Pearce Graham (Independent)
Pedro Geada (Immersive Douro)
Pedro Santos (VideoGamer Portugal)
Pedro Vasquez (Independent)
Perrin Kaplan (zebra partners)
Pete Ainsworth (BritBitGames, Independent)
Pete Angstadt (Turtle Sandbox)
Pete Clayton (42Point1 Games)
Pete Lawson (Independent)
Pete Lewis (Microsoft)
Pete Morrish (Slightly Mad Studios!)
Pete O’Brien (Lucid Games Ltd.)
Pete Thompson (
Pete Vellucci Jr (Independent)
Peter Alau (Apportable)
Peter Bennett (Phosphor Games)
Peter Biddle (Independent)
Peter Bjorklund (Outbreak Studios)
Peter Castle (Whale Hammer Games)
Peter Cleaves (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
Peter Curry (Dinosaur Polo Club)
Peter Freer (PikPok)
Peter G Muir (Full Sail University)
Peter Lamberton (Unisource Canada)
Peter Larsen (flaregames)
Peter Petermann (Gameforge)
Peter Silk (Surprised Man)
Peter Slater (Undiscovered Games)
Peter Stahl (Independent)
Peter Vorlaufer (Broken Rules)
Peter Willington (
Petri Lankoski (Södertörn University)
Phil Balliet (The Game Philter)
Phil Elliott (Square Enix)
Phil McCauley (Last Light Studios)
Philip Cheang (By Implication, Ateneo de Manila University)
Philip Jones (MidBoss)
Philip Tan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Philipp Seifried (Independent)
Philippe Allard-Rousse (Gameloft Montréal)
Philippe Gregoire (Ubisoft Montreal)
Philippe Rostaing (Independent)
Philippe Therien (Crystal Dynamics)
Pierre Corbinais (Oujevipo)
Pierre Vinson (Deep Silver)
Pietro Righi Riva (Santa Ragione)
Pim Stoit (Independent)
Piotr Dubla (Rockstar North)
Pol Clarissou (Independent)
Pontus Bergengren (Ghost Games)
Pontus Rundqvist (DreamHack)
Poria Torkan (Guerrilla Games)
Pranee McKinlay (Independent)
Pål Wallo (DICE)
Quinn Stephens (Bytebin)
Rabi Afram (NetEnt)
Radu Paraschivescu (Transylgamia)
Rae Johnston (Independent)
Rafael Fajardo (University of Denver, SWEAT)
Rafael Wawer (thesetales)
Rafael Wenzel (Independent)
Raffael Zica (Pixeltastic)
Raigan Burns (Metanet Software)
Raimon Zamora (Gavina Games)
Rainer Sigl (Video Game Tourism)
Rajesh Nakrani (Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft)
Rambod Kermanizadeh (Mind Factory Studios)
Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)
Ramsey Nasser (A Good Place)
Randall Newnham (Independent)
Randy Brasof (Tricycle)
Randy Greenback (Relevant Games)
Randy O’Connor (Independent)
Raph Koster (Independent)
Raphael van Lierop (Hinterland)
Rasmus Christiansen (Independent)
Rasmus Liljenberg (Fatshark)
Raul Aliaga (Independent)
Raúl Estrada (Niubie)
Rebecca Heineman (Olde Skuul)
Rebecca Thomas (The Roleplay Workshop)
Rebekah Gamin Arcovitch (Telltale Games)
Rebekah Saltsman (Finji)
Regina Kovács (The Game Assembly)
Reko Ukko (Seriously Digital Entertainment)
Remi Florusse (Green Man Gaming)
Renaud Bédard (Capybara Games)
Renee Nejo (3 Turn Productions)
René Hidalgo (Ubisoft Montreal)
Reynaldo Vargas (NYU Game Center)
Rhianna Pratchett (Independent)
Rhoades Clark (Western Washington University)
Ricardo Silva (Independent)
Ricardo Silva (Portugal Gamers)
Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace)
Rich Wilson (Arkane Studios)
Richard Adem (Independent)
Richard Boehme (Independent)
Richard Clark (
Richard Flanagan (Phosfiend Systems)
Richard Grillotti (Pixeljam)
Richard Hamer (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
Richard Hill-Whittall (Super Icon Ltd)
Richard Lemarchand (USC Games)
Richard Littauer (Independent)
Richard Lubell (DemonWare)
Richard Thomas (TT Fusion)
Rick Hoppmann (Tiny Worlds)
Rickard Frisegård (Stunlock Studios)
Ricky Haggett (Honeyslug, Wild Rumpus)
Ricky Walton (Mediatonic)
Rik Sowden (Independent)
Rin Revell (SUNY Oswego)
Rinat Korbet (Independent)
Rita-Jane Marques de Lima (Ubisoft)
Rob Auten (Independent)
Rob Blaauboer (Independent)
Rob Bridgett (Clockwork Fox Studios)
Rob Dodd (Fireproof Games)
Rob Gomes (Type A Games)
Rob Haines (Independent)
Rob Jagnow (Lazy 8 Studios)
Rob Jessop (Deep Silver Dambuster Studios)

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