I Remember

Note: We were required to write a eulogy for our Philosophy class intended for one of our classmates if ever the time has come for their passing. I deviated a little bit and wrote an elegy (there’s a difference) and here is the result. I’ve only realized then that this poem can be construed in so many ways. I leave it up to you now.

It is in this moment.
The day fades gloomily into the night,
the grey afternoon clouds break 
and a soft drizzle falls on the roof of this still room.
I hear the faint voices, indistinct chatter,
and feel only the emptiness that confines
each corner of the space,
growing tighter as I sit longer
looking at the lanky body of a boy
that was once

A vibrant grin is what I remember,
laughs and conversations that last as long
as the moon dwindles into the sun,
clock ticking,
time passing by,
his nose that wrinkles,
and pale skin that gleams scarlet
with every chuckle of delight
that bubbles up in every second.
A fighter is what I remember.
A loud voice echoing infinitely,
the strength of a placid gust of wind
that moves even the sturdiest of houses.
I see how he used to walk into a battlefield
armed with nothing but his robust words,
soul fueled with nothing but
profound courage.

It is in this fleeting moment
that I remember.
I remember him in his brightest glow.
I recall the boy that I have once known
in amity,
in bliss,
and in daring passion.
I remember the ephemeral life
of effervescence,
of a friend
of a boy
that is now nothing but a body.

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