Andrea Tsakanikas — Her Career

Andrea Tsakanikas

Andrea Tsakanikas has spent years on the ground learning and teaching every aspect of property and facility management and through this she has lead to a successful launch. She is not only an entrepreneur, but also a trainer, manager, author, qualifying real estate broker and management consultant.

Andrea Tsakanikas has been associated with many corporations, owners/operators, national management companies, corporate lodging organizations, REITs and developers. During her career, spanning across three decades, she has successfully managed workforce lodging, rental and resort projects.

Further, she has worked as a real estate management advisor for many corporations and helped them to rebrand projects, set up management divisions and centralize national management operations.

Utilizing the experience and knowledge she gained over the course of three decades, she founded a real estate and property management company, Florida Luxury Rentals, which helped her capture a niche market in Florida. A real estate conglomerate expressed its interest to use Florida Luxury as template for a rental/property management division in all its locations within 24 months of its commencement.

Andrea Tsakanikas has authored a manual to pronounce the knowledge she attained during her career through “The Naked Truth About Rentals: Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Didn’t Know Who to Ask.”

Penned down by an experienced leader and real estate broker, the book assists those in the real estate, property and facility management industry in setting up a rental office or tweaking and upgrading their current rental division with samples of marketing pieces, forms, reporting, job descriptions & more. The book comprises several industry publications and “How To” manuals.

In addition, Andrea Tsakanikas offers webinars and conferences specializing in rentals and property administration worldwide.

Andrea Tsakanikas has experience in handling projects related to:

Property/Asset management, Management Advisor, Corporate Housing, Crew Logistics, Resort and Hotel Management, Oil Field Housing, Workforce housing, Remote Lodging Management, Facilities Management, Trainer, Lean Property Management, Property Management Software Implementations, Re-branding, Owner’s Representation, Lease-ups, Distressed Projects, Centralized Property Management.