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Andrea Tsakanikas

Workforce lodging and travel management are challenges for companies with large groups traveling overnight. Many companies choose not to bid or obtain contracts outside of their home base due to the costs and challenges in lodging their crews for long periods. Why turn down potential revenue for a firm, with an option to find a better way to estimate and stay on budget for a cost-effective travel and lodging.

Contact, a full-service crew travel management and advisory company in North America, to assist in estimating your travel for your next bid and to guarantee the estimate on the project.

How Andrea’s focus ensures a single point of contact for her company and its clientele

Andrea Tsakanikas, President of, has vetted, qualified and train a strong and experience team to manage all departments within her organization. They hail for hotel industry, property management industry, booking agencies, logistics background, travel coordination, procurement expertise, auditing and financial backwards and management experience.

All members of the team has been hand-picked for their particular department and position. is acknowledged as one of the top crew travel management and logistics providers, retained by hundreds of corporations across North America.

Their cost-effective travel policy and 24/7 travel solutions are the reasons behind why their clients are enjoying satisfactory reductions in their annual travel expenditures.

Her extended expertise:

Andrea Tsakanikas aims specifically in managing clients’ productivity growth and provides fully-customized and streamlined management solutions.

Here is a glance at the services offers its clients:

Cost-effective crew lodging

Despite having in-house travel coordinators and travel processes, the majority of companies with travel work forces fail to ensure maximum productivity. Why is this the case? Believing that your current processes and policies are successful or realizing the potential to cut on personnel travel come in to play. Most companies do not realize that their current travel policy is missing critical areas where facilities overcharge without disclosure. The founders at hail from the facility management side of the transaction. And they understand the process and the areas where they need to focus to control the unnecessary costs. And will pass on this experience and education to their clients. So their itemized, consolidated invoices are transparent and clearly to review backup to approve all payments prior to release.

Real-time reporting

Managing shifts, crew rosters and shift/crew changes, reservation changes, extensions, cancellations and tracking costs all contribute to the daunting task. Contacting will eliminate this in-house labor and immediately offer a solution to manage your travel costs.

Quick and easy logistics solutions

Eliminate the worry and challenges inherent in the scheduling and logistics for crews traveling in remote areas. Not to mention reducing the layers of unnecessary communication between corporate, regional offices and Operations Managers, Crew Supervisors and individual crew members. Contact for a consultation to discuss how you can streamline your dispatch service ensuring full customization.

Reduce your in-house administrative labor required to manage crew travel

Managing your mobile workforce upcoming travel and scheduling requires additional time and labor for the area facility research and vetting process, processing credit cards and authorizations, and personnel who are available nights and weekends. will monitor all of these processes via a single point of contact with their outsourced travel department. They can reduce your overnight administrative labor and take those reservation changes and cancellations on your behalf 24/7. Their employee compensation solutions will also eliminate a company’s liability in administrative positions working over their forty hour weeks with either overtime or infractions with your state’s work force labor requirements if salaried.