Crew Facilities — Offering innovative crew lodging solutions for maximized savings

We all are aware of how hectic crew travel and lodging can be. Scheduling, dispatching, adding rooms, logistics, early and late check outs, last minute changes — there is a whole gamut of tasks that require dedicated efforts around the clock and certain level of expertise.

CrewFacilities has dedicated professionals to take care of all aspects of workforce travel and lodging solutions. They work diligently to ensure that your staff doesn’t have to waste valuable time in finding hotel rooms, negotiating rates, tracking costs and people, expense reports, auditing bills invoiced by the facilities. They work directly with their client coordinators and management to develop lodging programs per their specific requirements. The staff at Crew facilities works to ensure that you achieve administrative efficiency, increased crew productivity, at increased profit.

Workforce travel and lodging management

Crew Facilities ensures that the traveling crews are lodged closest to the job site location at most competitive price, at vetted facilities. There is a direct correlation between the standard of accommodation and the productivity of the workforce. Employees who are lodged in comfortable, hygienic accommodations and well rested are always more productive on their job sites, and this is a top priority for Crew Facilities. They ensure that the workforce is lodged comfortably in a hassle free manner and is ready for further job site assignments.

Providing access to travel data in real time is important to remain in constant contact on their crew movement. Crew Facilities’s role extends much beyond a booking agency. Be it last minute adjustments, consultation or emergency after hour service, their seasoned staff ensures that your workforce has quality stays whether traveling in metro cities, remote locations, Canada, Mexico and other overseas destinations.

Transparent customer care and travel policies is committed to complete client care and transparent policies. They make sure that the accommodations meets the health, safety and environmental standards.

The company takes a strategic approach for your crew travel, lodging and logistics needs. No matter what size your group is, will create a plan that is most efficient, effective, to fit your budget.

CrewFacilities lets you have control and more visibility over your company’s lodging spends. It ensures that your workforce arrives at safe and vetted facilities. The benefits that you obtain from include:

· Reduced crew lodging expenses

· Streamlined lodging and reservation process

· Access to their proprietary crew management mobile app

· Streamlined accounting and reporting

· Simplified invoicing, billing and reconciliation

· Customized travel policies

· Consulting for travel departments

· Real-time reporting, forecasting and analytics

Andrea Tsakanikas — A passionate professional

Andrea Tsakanikas, the Founder-President of is behind the success of the company. Over the past two decades, Andrea has successfully delivered crew lodging solutions to thousands of businesses in North America and other locations. She personally monitors key aspects of the company’s innovative processes. With a focus on the lodging being simple, hassle free and never derail jobsite efficiency of an organization’s workforce. With her expertise and industry insights, she is able to cut lodging spend costs by up to 33%. CrewFacilities .com is a certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise)/Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). So companies seeking minority participation on federal, state or local projects can retain Crew to not only save them on their crew travel, but wilufy them for their next project.