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Many organizations with mobile workforces continue to travel without a travel policy and centralized hub or single point of contact to ensure costs are managed and confirmed to actuals. Today it is crucial company to manage and centralize travel via a global platform. This will ensure layers of communication are eliminated and the actual activity on the ground is authorized and what is invoiced.

In order to successfully manage travel and crew logistics it is important to manage every step involved, from the accommodation for employees, to check in and tracking nightly occupancy, to auditing of the invoice before it goes to corporate, in order to ensure costs are kept at or below budget.

Companies seeking to manage the travel find it costly to use their own in house labor which requires nights and weekends, and takes away from tier main job function. is a source the choose to outsource their travel management, is a renowned business travel management advisory entity aimed at streamlining everything involved in the crew travel process to simplify the steps to execute the travel, while ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone on the ground staying at facilities.

So what makes different?, a travel management advisory company that reflects visionary idea of Andrea Tsakanikas and Amber Schofman to assist corporations in reducing and managing employee lodging expenditures and logistics.

The company specializes in providing customized solutions that help organizations reduce what they are spending on their current travel costs, administrative time and labor. The program aims at delivering the most competitive lodging rates, at quality facilities, in close proximity to the job location. has gained prominence in the lodging industry for its result-oriented, client-centric solutions related to the following:

· Crew travel cost savings

· Employee travel

· Outsourced travel management

· Strategic procurement solutions

· Real time tracking & job cost reporting

· Customized reporting technology

· Credit solutions

· Crew facility standardization

The company offers organizations unlimited selections of pre-qualified, vetted hotel, lodges and camp brands. Along with this, the travel management entity boasts of a simple reservation process, thereby making it easy for organizations to seek solutions related to their personnel lodging.0

The process allows organizations to submit their reservation request through voice, text, emails, emails and smartphone app. The program provides vetted facilities in close proximity to a job location, thereby reducing travel to and from the jobsite at a minimum.

Get to know the team of

Andrea Tsakanikas — President, Co-founder

Andrea Tsakanikas

Andrea Tsakanikas is an entrepreneur, management executive, consultant, and author. At, she drives the organization to constantly evolve and upgrade its strategies, business model, services and solutions to its customers.

For over three decades, she has been involved in the property and facility management industry. During her career, she has represented hundreds of investors and managed hundreds of workforce lodging, rental and resort product related projects.

Sampling of her recent projects:

· Andrea Tsakanikas shouldered responsibilities related to setting up of a remote lodging division to manage class A apartments, suites, lodges and man camps as VP of Operations at Corporate Lodging Company

· Andrea Tsakanikas co-founded to focus on the customer side of the transaction instead of representing the ownership side of lodging. is acknowledged for managing, controlling and reducing personnel lodging expenditures for companies with mobile work forces throughout North America.

Amber Schofman — Vice President, Co-founder

Amber Schofman

Amber is from the property management, corporate housing and work force lodging industries. She has remarkable knowledge about systems and operations management, which further helps the company to streamline its all processes and procedures. She manages the daily operations and carries out responsibilities related to client handling for the company.

With her vast experience on the operations side, she understands the requirements of partner facilities across the country and ensures to provide appropriate accommodation solutions at the best prices.

Amber Schofman works in conjunction with the team interfaced with the facility to manage the reservations and act as a liaison between the client corporate office, client crew lead, guests staying in the facility and facility management. This enables to fulfil its commitment of providing the best lodging solutions.

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