— Cost-effective and Methodical crew travel and lodging solutions is a preferred and trusted crew travels and logistics management firm in North America. 
The company practices end-to-end, crew and group travel and logistics management, unlike many in the industry. Crew Facilities has been catering to a diverse clientele belonging to a variety of industry verticals, such as gas & oil, wind, solar, aviation, transportation, construction and even government bodies alike. If you are a company with crews travelling overnight to a remote location, contact It has a team full of qualified travel coordinators, who will take care of all your operations regarding the project precisely and concisely. Regardless of any stay duration, Crew Facilities helps organizations in pre-planning and correcting any last minute changes, ensuring no unnecessary issues and delays in the process. 
Having spent many years in this arena, the company is now has the largest network of pre-vetted and qualified hotels/resorts or apartments across North America. sets a few targets while taking up your project and also makes it meets its clients expectations — with no overnight administrative labor required to book reservations, research and negotiation, overhead savings, assurance of quality facilities and most importantly, lodging nearby the job-site to avoid long travel hours, less company liability and crew productivity.

Real-time crew movement tracking is an acknowledged personnel travel manager that has decades of experience in lodging and employee logistics. Working for years on the ground and vetting facilities, negotiating lodging rates, creating strong facility partnerships and providing real-time crew movement tracking, Crew Facilities stands out many satisfied clients. Moreover, the company accomplishes the streamlining and simplifying of its clients’ travel and lodging requirements, at the same time offering fully-customized, client-oriented logistics solutions along the way.
Crew Facilities surely has a better understanding of its clients’ requirements and travel culture, which helps it focus only on the particular needs that assist in smooth and efficient management of the project at hand. Crew travel and logistics management are not only about finding the right service for the clients but also to ensure that the project is going to be successful. narrows down only the vetted quality facilities that are nearby the respective job-sites and adhere to all quality standards, such as safety, health and environmental standards. You will also have forensic auditing for each facility invoice in order to curtail time to review before approval. 
Reasons that make a top contender in the arena:
• Unlike many, the company does not demand long-term commitment. 
• The company and its travel coordinators seek out only those facilities, which adhere to all quality standards and are available at competitive rates. 
• Crew Facilities takes pride in its team of experienced reservation agents, audit team, procurement experts, dispatchers, tracking, research, accounting. Each of the professionals has a sense of professionalism, time and money management.

Andrea Tsakanikas and — The person behind the vision of the company
Andrea Tsakanikas, the co-founder-President of, is the one with innovative insight working towards launching the company to a new level this year. Andrea Tsakanikas decades of experience as an employee travel and logistics consultant and manager, Andrea Tsakanikas and Amber Schofman has contributed to the advancement of’s services and solutions. Contact her now for comprehensive consultation in lodging, property/travel management, and facility management alike.