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When it comes to personnel lodging management, corporations many of our clients have determined that group personnel travel may be one of the top overhead costs for their organization. It takes a process to ensure that all travel related expenditures are being posted to the same general ledger cost code as many companies find that they are paying for travel in a variety of different manners. From reimbursing individual personnel members through payroll for receipts submitted, to having a single employee place many different crew stays on the same credit card, or having direct bill accounts set up nationally so when the statement comes in it is possible to code to the proper region, department or job. Thereby, they never truly never the real cost of their travel. And, they end up spending a small fortune on their lodging which hurts their bottom line job profits. oversees lodging management related responsibilities. As a reputed travel management advisory company, ensures to exceed expectations of its clients with remarkable, unparalleled lodging expenditure solutions.

The company aims at assisting corporations in reducing and managing personnel lodging expenditures, administrative time and labor through customized solutions. In order to ensure complete satisfaction of the clients the company ensures to provide the competitive lodging at top quality facilities, within the closest geographic distance to the client’s job location.

How is different

The company helps corporations of all sizes realize reduced costs without compromising on the quality of pre-qualified, vetted hotel, lodges and camp brands. Key benefits include:.

Effortless Reservation Process — a company looking for quotation or more information about the services can submit the query through voicemail, email, text and website.

Express Check In — After a long shift, personnel can rest easy at accommodation.

No contracts required.

All fees are disclosed up front. So no surprise with added costs later on, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Invoices are itemized and simplified. So the accounting department does not have to spend hours perusing and reconciling pages of a statement.

The brains behind

Andrea Tsakanikas — President

Andrea Tsakanikas

Andrea Tsakanikas, a licensed real estate broker, consultant and author, is the person who fosters services being provided by CrewFacilities. Being the co-founder of the company, she prolifically assists the company to achieve its goal to focus on the companies with crews traveling, instead of the property owner or manager.

Owing to her guidance, has been successfully assisting corporations with mobile work forces in managing and controlling personnel lodging expenditures throughout North America.

With more than 30 years of experience, she understands the prevailing lodging requirements across North America, and ensures to meet the expectations of the clients with customized solutions.

Here is a quick summary of her career journey, which pronounces expertise and excellence, indeed.

For over three decades, Andrea Tsakanikas has been involved in the property and facility management industry. During her career, she has successfully represented hundreds of investors and managed hundreds of thousands of nights of workforce lodging, rental, and resort product. Since 2007, she served as a management consultant with specialization in optimizing operations and ensuring the highest revenues and profitability for travel and facility management projects.

Some of her work examples

· VP of Operations (Corporate Lodging Company); responsible for setting up of a remote lodging division to manage class-A apartments, suites, lodges and man camps.

· Chief Operating Officer, Crew Logistics/Remote Lodging Company.

· President/Founder, Property Management Entity

· Andrea founded

Amber Schofman — Vice President

Amber Schofman

Amber Schofman is another vital aspect of As a member of the company’s Executive Team, she monitors all processes for the simplification and synchronization with the clients.

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