— Facilitating innovative ways to manage crew travel and logistics is a renowned crew travel management and logistics firm. The company has been serving to an extensive clientele hailing from different industries such as oil & gas industry, wind, solar, aviation, construction, education, transportation, municipal and government alike. Most startup businesses cannot afford separate travel coordinators and internal travel processes, so need to outsource the same.’s executive team has been in crew travel management, and serving the organizations big and small for decades. The company aims at providing customized and streamlined travelling, lodging and logistics solutions to their clients, further ensuring reduced travel expense, at the same time a great stay for the crew. begins by reducing your administrative overnight costs, for instance, by streamlining hotel search and price negotiation, transportation and room booking. Besides, the company also understands the value of time, so ensures a lodging solution nearby the job site. Their solutions are customized to clients’ needs and priced under budget.

How do they help reduce the travel costs?

Most companies tend to choose facilities based solely on the initial quoted rate, when it comes to managing crew lodging, hoping it will save their money. Little do they know, the rate quoted does not mean that is the rate paid on the final bill. Nor does the lowest rate ensure the facility is not cutting costs and there are many issues with health, safety and environmental issues. A bad night’s sleep in a dirty room with bed bugs surely correlates with a reduction in the crew members productivity the next day on the job site. Corporations must focus on several areas before choosing a facility and not just solely the least expensive quote. Be it room rates or reservations, none stays the same. Corporations should remember that facilities do not only target companies with crew travelling overnight, but the facility is in business to sell rooms and build revenue. Hence, having a sole focus on room rates won’t help you save in the end. offers credit solutions, and also manages crew accounts and tracks the room rates which are occupied during the stay in order to eliminate empty rooms and beds from the final hotel bill.

Frequently asked questions about

Below questions are most often asked by the clients to staff:

· Do you guarantee the room rate stays the same as it was offered at the time of reservation?

· How do you determine the number of occupied and empty rooms for all reservations? (What if you booked 10 double rooms for a couple of weeks, but not every room was occupied throughout reservation and you paid?)

· How does your AP department reconcile the number of rooms, nights of stay and exact room rates that were charged on the credit cards or direct bill statememt?

More often than not, room rates mean nothing until you compare what was exactly charged on your credit card or direct bill statement. In many cases, what you count in the final facility bill is different than what was quoted at the time of reservation. Or what about nights the facility added unauthorized rooms. There may be overcharges and discrepancies in the invoice that works to correct. They audit the invoice, being a liaison between different parties involved, and also track the actual occupancy and expenses of the stay of crews in hotels. Crew facilities takes on the financial responsibility so its c’iémtd don’t hsbdbtoo

Areas of benefits

· offers streamlined and customized in-house administrative labor solutions, which further ensures lower cost of production.

· The company manages and tracks every move of your mobile workforce, schedule and job changes, accommodation status and future plans through single point of contact.

· The company works towards eliminating overcharges from the final facility bill, and

· At the same time, ensures the hotel adheres to quality standards.

Meet the President of

Andrea Tsakanikas is the founder and President of Andrea Tsakanikas is an entrepreneur, trainer, a leader and builder, process and procedure developer, and innovative thinker to assist in creating the best workflow for reservations and logistics. Owing to her vast crew travel management and logistics knowledge, Crewfacilities is among the first-choice for the organizations looking for budget crew travels for their employees.

Amber Schofman is the Co- founder and Vice President of After many years consulting and working on the owner/developer/facility management industry, she was disheartened to witness how companies with crew travelling overnight were paying exorbinant rates for their lodging. Through her experience working on the facility side, she has customized and streamlined the logistics solutions for her different industry-based clientele. Over time, she has worked with and managed hundreds of thousands lodging transactions across North America and Internationally ensuring:

· Streamlined lodging and reservations

· Reduced crew travel cost

· Real time data access for crew logistics

· Customized travel policy

· Full consultation for travel and logistics

· Setting up travel departments for companies managing in house

· Facility vetting and 5 easy processes to submit reservation — Text, Email, Voice, Web and Smartphone App