Nathan Shoup

Nathan Shoup, at only 24 years old, has quite the journalistic resume going for him. Born and raised in Washington, Nathan spent his whole life playing sports. He played everything from soccer, baseball, football, to basketball. Finding his passion in baseball, Nathan attended Pacific Lutheran University, in Tacoma Washington as their baseball team’s pitcher.

Nathan’s love for sports continued to grow. He decided to choose a major in sports journalism. His professors at Pacific Lutheran really helped him stay motivated and found him the connections he needed. He first worked at the school’s newspaper, The Mast, as sports editor, and then soon after he started interning for both, The Seattle Sports Intelligencer, and for the local Tacoma newspaper, The Tacoma News Tribune.

After graduating college Nathan applied to a variety of newspapers around the country, but heard back from, The Sparks Tribune, first. He was pretty intimidated about moving to the Reno area and getting his first “real world” job. He started as a sports journalist but got quickly promoted to sports editor. As sports editor he loves having full reign over the sports section, and knowing what he says goes. Nathan also recently started his own talk show, The Shoup Show, where he talks about high school football every Friday at 6pm for thirty minutes. He hopes to eventually expand his talk show and cover other sports too like his favorites; volleyball and basketball.

It has been two years since Nathan started working at, The Sparks Tribune. He loves working there, but hopes to eventually have another great opportunity come his way. He cannot wait to start another awesome chapter in his sports journalism career.

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