What If? The Way Things Could’ve Been

•Alternate Scene 1: What if the rooftop scene between Wes and Jen went differently?

Jen and Wes were out on the rooftop talking about what they were going to miss when Jen and the other Time Force Rangers had to go back to the future. “There are a lot of things I’m going to miss in 2001,” Jen admitted. “Really? Like what?” Wes asked her. “All kinds of things. Like the cookies we baked, and the sea down by the beach, and…” Jen trailed off as she realized she’d almost blurted out what she was going to miss most in 2001–Wes himself. She’d fallen in love with him during the time they’d spent together, but she was afraid to tell him for fear of breaking his heart and her own. What could she do? If she didn’t tell Wes the truth now, she might never get the chance and never get to spend time with the man she loved before she went back to 3001. Finally Jen saw the young man beside her and realized that if she wanted any chance with him at all, she had to tell him the truth. It was now or never, so she said, “There is one more thing I’m going to miss from 2001–you. I know I never had anything good to say about you when we first met, but I realized something during the time you and the boys were under Contemptra’s love spell. I realized that I had feelings for you that went beyond those of friendship or even a teammate. Then when you were about to kiss me after the spell was cancelled, I wanted you to kiss me in spite of anything I said to the contrary. I was jealous whenever you paid attention to another girl–like that time with Teresa. You were right to say I was jealous. It was because I wanted to tell you that I loved you, but was afraid of hurting you and I was afraid that spending time with you might make it hurt all the more when we had to part. I finally realized, though, that I had to tell you the truth so you wouldn’t go off thinking I didn’t care at all. I want to be with you for the rest of my life if it’s possible. I’ll stay in the past if I have to, because going back would have been too painful if it meant I couldn’t be with you. I don’t want to live the rest of my life knowing that the man I love died over a thousand years ago. I just wanted you to know the truth.” Wes didn’t know what to do. He wanted to be with her, but knew that if she stayed in the past with him, she’d never see any of her family again. However, he also knew that if Jen really wanted to be with him there would be nothing he could do to stop her. So he agreed to try a brief relationship, one that lasted until they finally captured Ransik and Jen had to return to the future. They said goodbye on the beach with Jen embracing him one last time and holding him like she’d never let go. Then she beamed into the time ship and it took off into a swirling vortex in the sky. Wes was filled with grief as he had to say goodbye to Jen until the year 2004 when the threat of the Mut-Orgs made their paths cross one more time.

•Alternate Scene 2: What if Jen decided to ignore the phone and kiss Wes in “Lovestruck Rangers”?

“You know, Jen, you really did a number on Contemptra,” Wes remarked as he came through the door of the Nick-of-Time Odd Jobs office carrying some tools to put away. “What do you mean?” Jen asked, confused. “The way you fought her…it was almost like it was personal or something,” Wes commented as he put the tools away. “That’s ridiculous. She was just another mutant,” Jen protested. “Yeah, but she was a babe in human form,” Wes said, hoping to provoke a response from Jen. Jen got a look of absolute disgust on her face as she asked, “So that’s your type?” Just then, Wes started to laugh as he replied, “No. Come on, I was just kidding. Actually, my type is more like…” Wes trailed off as he got a far-off look in his eyes and leaned closer to her, as Jen also leaned toward him. Their lips were inches from each others’ when the phone rang. “Uh, shouldn’t we answer that?” Wes asked as he watched Jen make no move to pick it up. “That’s what we have an answering machine for, right?” Jen replied as she continued leaning toward him. Wes just shrugged and leaned toward her, their lips finally meeting in a kiss that had been delayed for far too long, as the phone continued to ring.

•Alternate Scene 3: What if Jen decided not to deny her jealousy in “Undercover Rangers”?

Jen and Wes had evaded cyclobots that had been chasing them by hiding in the closet at the gym. Once the cyclobots ran on by, Jen couldn’t resist grilling Wes about why he’d been so long in coming to her rescue. “What took you so long? You couldn’t tear yourself away from Teresa?” Jen demanded angrily. “Teresa? Wait a second. You thought I liked her?” “Oh no! Whatever would give me that idea, Albert!?” Jen said, deliberately emphasizing the last word. “Hey, I had to make up a name,” Wes protested. “And I suppose you had to let her feel your muscles too,” Jen said, clearly jealous and imitating Teresa’s southern accent. “What’s wrong? Are you jealous or something?” Wes asked, putting one hand against the wall, forcing Jen back up against it. About to retort that she would never be jealous of him, Jen accidentally blurted out, “What are you talking about? Just because she had your attention when I didn’t…” Jen stopped, realizing instantly what she’d said. She put her hand over her mouth, but it was too late. Her secret was out. Wes now knew that what he’d suspected since she’d started yelling at him was true — she was in love with him. Unfortunately they didn’t have much time to talk about it because at that moment the cyclobots found them and they were in for one tough fight.

End of Time 2&3