Collective Future.

by me in Colombia.

From our remote primitive roots to the ranks on Forbes, the culture of survival or the new “trends” have played the most important role as to mark our future and inspiration is concerned. Among the hot topics today, I cannot help wondering if the recent popularity of “social impact” is simple trend as Gangman Style -cool, viral and short- or are we really being part of the construction of a new way of generating collective future. One-way in which -you, me and the whole world are working towards a world with equal opportunities for all.

I’ll try to explain my perspective on this “trend” taking it to the future, but not a future in 3 or 10 years, but rather the very far away future. The Social Science Fiction Future, like Prof. Yunus likes to call it. Much like Hollywood style, let take the trend to the limit.

With that said, close your eyes and prepare to be transported to year 5000. Here we dress in a very strange way, humanity is already living on Mars, and the technology is unbelievable. And “social impact” does not exist. I hope not to confuse you with this argument. But lets go back one step, if today we are working to create value and solutions that by all faults works for fairness and balance in the world, the ultimate goal we hope to accomplish at some point, would be a sustainable and equitable world with no need of “social tags”. A humanity that lives impact and uses this values as a status quo.

Under this idea then as a millennial generation promoters of this social impact trend lets make sure that;

  • Lets work more for the goal than the name. Social Impact is not a simple tag or job title; there is a lot of falling, fighting, no sleep and WORK along the way. It’s more than a long journey: it’s your life’s work.
  • Our solutions today do not generate other social problems tomorrow. Lets create impact thinking on the future, the utopian world “Were not a single person is poor.”

If we decide to stay on the superficial and showoff part of Social Impact then we are just a trend and we are actually living aside the real value of Social Impact, Collective Change.

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