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I am pleased to see and hear from someone that understands a few basics around digital ID. RealMe was, in many peoples minds, going to be the replacement for all identity, online or otherwise, in New Zealand. And this was within many of the Government organisations with which I had dealings. The general feeling was that within months everyone in New Zealand would have a RealMe account and be happy to use it for identity for passports, health.. and so the list goes on.

The reality has proven otherwise. In some circles people are talking about a great solution looking for a problem. Others are saying that if you build a good product, people will flock to use it. Either way, it just doesnt have the mass take up yet that is needed for it to be a global identity system.

Maybe we should take some lessons from various Asian countries and mandate it’s use. A bit like the ID card New Zealanders have opposed for many years. Wouldn’t that make for a controversial decision?

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