Self-driving automobiles are no longer a fantasy

The transition to self driving cars is inevitable, however we have not yet begun to cover off the social impact of this change. This covers a couple of areas and I would like to hear your views.

First off, what about those people who are suited to be taxi drivers, chauffeurs etc, who will no longer have a meaningful role in society. According to the various pieces of research I read, technology per se has not resulted in a reduction in workforce in any significant way, however, this is quite a specific niche. Drivers are drivers, how do they make the transition to lining in a world where divers are obsolete.

My other major concern is that of liability. There was a crash just recently where a Tesla in self-drive mode crashed into a truck and killed the driver. Raybon Kahn, a New Zealand comedian suggested this might be the first case of murder-suicide perpetrated by the self-drive software. In this instance, just who is liable, the driver, the software (who will need insurance of some sort. A business opportunity perhaps) or the developer of the self-drive car/software? Worth exploring in more detail.

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