Some notes on PWA performance.
Sergey Shimansky

I agree that choosing the correct caching strategy is not as straightforward as it seems, as it depends on how the content behaves (how often it is updated), how the user behaves (how often does the user visit the site) and how critical it is not to serve stale content.

On PWA Directory, we're using the fastest strategy to serve the content, but with timeouts on the cache. 6 hours for list pages, and 12 hours for detail pages.

This was based on how the content is updated as every PWA has its scores updated once a day. Also, on how users behave, as most frequent users will not visit the site more than once a day.

This ensures that, when navigating the site in a session (eg: moving from list to PWAs and back), the performance is greatly improved by the caching. But when coming back on the next day, fresh content is served.

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