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  • Mike Monteiro

    Mike Monteiro

    English is my second language. You were my first.

  • Ali Joaquin

    Ali Joaquin

    Product designer, storyteller, and user advocate at Livefront.

  • Gabriel Pinheiro Maciel

    Gabriel Pinheiro Maciel

    UX Strategist who believes that behind metrics and standards are real people.

  • Yash Rawat

    Yash Rawat

    UI/UX Designer. I am final year student of

  • Kathryncodonnell


  • Marianne Braum

    Marianne Braum

    Product designer & PM at Studos 📘

  • Will Sertório

    Will Sertório

    building stuff



    Instituto privado que inova em produtos, serviços e empresas com TICs — Tecnologias da Informação e Comunicação. | A brazilian private institute for innovation.

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