A full stack deep learning project


Using high-resolution satellite images from the Amazon rainforest and a good ol’ResNet [1] gives us promising results of > 95% accuracy in detecting deforestation-related land scenes, with interesting results also when applied to other areas of the world. We also show a proof-of-concept of how a real deforestation detection tool…

A guide on how to get theoretically sound explanations from complex deep learning models trained on multivariate time series

The what

In this article, we’ll explore a state-of-the-art method of machine learning interpretability and adapt it to multivariate time series data, a use case which it wasn’t previously prepared to work on. You’ll find explanations to core concepts, on what they are and how they work, followed by examples. …

André Ferreira

Data scientist @ TransitionZero + Climate TRACE with a background in electrical and computer engineering. Also a runner, a traveler and tech enthusiast.

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