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Rambling: XXXIII (33)

I just want to change the world
But feeling like my life is at a conflict
The skin on my body and man I am possibly
Got too much distance between the two
So I rather say “phuck it”

I say, “phuck the world” they out here phucking my people
But my people phucking themselves, no need to seem equal
Maybe this too cynical but the feelings I share are literal
I could try and paint words more elaborate, visual
But let’s keep it simple for the simpleton

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So many problems, few solutions which is why
We have a culture of people prostituting, could you deny?
Everybody and every body got a price tag,
some just wear clothes with higher price tags
Not sure if that alone is a reason to brag, 
but hey- they got…swag?

I mean, what does it mean to be you own man?
We in a system that shares monetary value with few
But can I knock someone hustling and benefiting from the current system
Perhaps my anger is because I just want to be one of them too
Or maybe we should pursue..trying to make sure that most people
Have a chance at a life that is still exclusive to a few

But God made Jesus and later made me
So maybe the answer is to pursue that truth
My pastor said, “Wealth comes to those who believe”
So maybe this my own doing…it doesn’t add up

But then again, I was never really good at math
But that was just how public school had summed up

Anywho, back to prostituting just to get some loot
Public university education, couldn’t imagine the cost of a private school
Average American got 28 thousand in college debt
To achieve a bigger goal? Maybe you do not view that as prostituting yet

But ask yourself this
What does it mean to be rich?
What does it mean to have peace?
Do you need more pieces of shit?
Or pieces of that? Or pieces of this?
What really is the difference?
Will the pieces add up to an image that you view as legit?

“Why not live for humanity?”
“Why indulge in all the vanity?”
Because it makes me feel good, isn’t your ego your friend?
So before someone calls me black, poor, or even a man
I want them to say when they see me, 
“That boy is fly…God damn”

And, yes, I am.

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  • Andreé-Ashley Tarvin-Pyles

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