I’m tired.

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Everybody is going to write about Brussels, as everyone wrote about Pairs, as not that many wrote about Ankara, as way less wrote about a tragedy in my home country that changed a government. So I’m not going to write about Brussels, or Paris or Ankara. I’m just tired. Of all of it.

I’m tired of reading an article on facebook about a celebrity being publicly accused why she didn’t have an abortion when she knew she’ll give birth to 2 twins with down syndrome.

I’m tired of reading an article about how Siri is not prepared for crisis situations, but gives you the closest burrito place.

I’m tired of seeing a documentary about a family in US which in the name of their religion publicly loudly hates, offends & calls everyone a fag. They’re happy when people die, especially fighting for their country and they picket at their funerals calling “god did you justice”, and yet somehow that’s ok in the eyes of the law.

I’m tired of seeing pictures with people killing animals as a sport or fun. And teaching their children to do that too.

I’m tired of reading so many articles, seeing so many news and documentaries on how sugar is bad for you, and fat, and meat, how we’re not meant to eat dairy, or anything cooked, or drink bottled water, use clothes conditioner and for god’s sake don’t eat tomatoes if you’re pregnant!

I’m tired of reading countless statistics about how many transexuals are killed, gays attacked & hated, teenage suicides because of bullying...

I’m tired of hearing how women in general, not to mention pregnant or not, are still disadvantaged to men and called “hormonal” when they stand up for themselves.

I’m tired of seeing on a daily basis queues of families with small children in kfc, chicken cottage, chickenAnything getting “the bucket” and mothers feeding their babies bits of their mcBurger, putting the lettuce aside “he can’t chew on that”.

I’m tired of seeing once a year or so a new epidemic of some sort coming out and killing masses of people just like that and we still can’t find a way to treat them, but we have billion $ industry of plastic surgery.

I’m tired of ignorant people blaming other people for all their problems just because they are of a different race/sex/sexuality/citizenship/religion/etc.

And I’m really tired of how slowly we become immune to these…

With constant helicopter sounds above my head for the past 35 hours…. a question is obvious… why?

I recently watched the Beach and I have to say till they started killing each other, it all looked very appealing. But the moral of the story I guess is that we can’t do that happy careless lifestyle. We need… our modern society’s rules and doctors and deodorants. I was quite marked by the film because I did think that you can live going back to basics… but if that’s not the case…

What’s there to do?

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