On Bandwidth, Speed and Dreams That Come True

True story: We all have hopes and dreams. And we all have expectations that kill them. And we also have a lot of other things going on in our lives which make it practically impossible to follow our hopes and dreams just by having them. In the super sonic era of internet and speed and auto-pilot-ism, although it should be getting easier to get what we want the opposite happens.

Of course it gets frustrating and then we get upset on ourselves because we can’t do it and then we quit. And become spectators in our own lives, secretly blaming everyone around us for not having the courage to move in the direction we want to.

Since we live in the era of internet, let me start a conversation on bandwidth. Don’t worry, I’m a writer not an engineer so my technical know-how is quite limited :).

For sure you have more than one computer in the house and a smartphone that uses WiFi. So if there are two people at home that have two computers and two phones and are working on both of them, watching a movie or a video, listening to some music while texting their friends, there are 4 devices using the same WiFi connection, transferring data through it one way or another. As it turns out, there is a limit to the data you can send or receive. So when you feel the internet is running slow, like snail speed slow, then your bandwidth has reached its maximum capacity. No reason to get angry and call your internet service provider, just take a break from one of your activities, shut down a few applications that you don’t need. This is common sense, right?

The same happens to us. Our minds, in their unlimited capacity of stocking information and emotion, have a limited conscious bandwidth. Each day we have to pay attention and do a whole lot of stuff: take care of family, kids, go to work, talk with friends, keep the diet, don’t miss fitness classes, plan vacation, meeting with boss, “oh! f***” you forgot your presentation at home. No wonder it’s filling up the bandwidth. So when we want to implement a new idea, follow a different path, go after our most wanted dream, we get stuck. There is no progress. Or too small to grasp. So we get to the conclusion that it’s not meant to be and give up.

What to do then? Even if you don’t know what is the dream that you would be following, take a few minutes or hours or days 🙂 and clear up the bandwidth! Shut down all applications that you don’t use anymore: thoughts about people that are no longer in your live, worries about future possibly problematic issues, activities that no longer serve you. And most importantly, rest! Go to bed early and sleep! Tiredness consumes a whole lot of bandwidth and leaves nothing for the cool, joyful stuff.

When you will create enough space on the road, your dreams and high hopes will start to move and you’ll actually be surprised by how quickly they will turn in reality. So … stop beating yourself up for not succeeding. Clear the road and prepare for some life changing events.

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