The Incredible Power of Giving
Mandy Chew

the article is not balanced… i m just making a note, which come from real life if you have the ability to observe reality: “receiving a gift for which one is not evolved enough to receive will only bring trouble for both giver and receiver. If you give a ton of gold an ant it will not make him rich, it will crush him.”

As usually (only) one way or another will not bring the positive desire. I would have take this with a little bit more responsibility especially after you observe real life happenings. Indeed to be capable to help and to give it’s a gift, but it’s a demand to know WHEN to share and to WHOM.

This will make the real difference between just give and having an impact when give. The line is thin, but the yin and yang will never be found one way or another. Always they are at the same time in any situation.

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