Time will let you know…

Have you ever felt like you had no objective in life? Like you couldn’t be just one thing and feel you were lost, mostly on your professional career? Thinking too much of “What am I going to do?”, and feel always stressed about this?

Let me try to help you.

I felt the same way, for years. (Like I have too many!!).

In my case, I like to read about science, and bought a lot of books, I like to learn about psychology and body language, and I bought a lot of books, I coach football (but I don’t want to be a coach) and I spend at least 12 hours a week training, while I work a full-time job and study at night to follow Law school, and still find time to have side projects with my friends, and keeps counting.

In today’s world people, will say, “why do you do that? Shouldn’t you be focus on one thing?” or “Isn’t that too many things too waste time?”. Probably yes. The thing is that I can’t, I can’t decide whether I want to dedicate myself to my current full time job, or to dedicate to the side projects or whether follow another thing I may find interesting tomorrow.

This can be, and is, very stressful.

The problem is that I have too many interests. That’s why I have a lot of activities in my life.

I love to learn about a lot of things and that is what keeps me engaging in too many different subjects.

This has been my life until the recent past.

So what has started to happen?

As the time has past, it has started to shape the activities I had. I started to forgetting about some subjects and stopped to buying books or watching videos. The number of my activities has reduced a lot, this doesn’t mean that I turn the eyes of it and I don’t want to know anymore, no that’s not it. I’m still curious, but I don’t spend the time I spent studying and investigating them.

This 4 things kept in my mind (I have other but this are the ones that consumes most of my time).

These 4 activities are the ones that I feel it will help me in the future.

Here they are.

1 — WORK

Not only because it’s the activity that consumes most of my time, but because it helps me a lot developing essential skills, especially social skills, that are required and almost mandatory it today’s world. Besides you learn a lot with other people and develop your network.

2 — STUDY — Not necessarily to have a degree

Your current job, doesn’t mean it as to be for life. No, you can change. I always wanted to follow to a Law School, and I’m studying hard to get a degree. Even though I don’t exclude any other option, you never know if you find another thing that you will be more passionate about.

I know what are you thinking. “Why would you waste 5 years studying for something and now you don’t use it?”, that’s a lie, you will use it in a way or another, of course it depends on your current field, but knowledge is never wasted.

3 — FOOTBALL — Sports

As I said, I coach football, and this brings me the best moments you can ever ask. The way you feel on the pitch, the flavour of a win, the pain you share when you lose a game and the next week you and your players are working hard to guarantee that doesn’t happen anymore.

The spirit of a sports team, of any sport, can’t be replicated, you only feel when you are a piece of it.

Besides, you get a lot of friends.


In my case number 4 is side projects.

This helps me share my ideas with my friends, and have some interesting brainstorms.

In this side projects, which are currently developing an app, we learn a lot. We have to face a lot of problems not just to code it, but to learn to be organised, and explore other fields we don’t know about.


No matter if you are confused right now and feel overwhelmed and stressed, time you let you know what you should follow.

But make no mistakes, you will use your knowledge, no matter what it is, it’s never wasted.

André Silva

Let me know of what you think of my first post on Medium.

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