People don’t bare gifts because of the labor pains. They bring gifts to celebrate the new creation.

Summer is almost upon us: graduations, proms and last couple of investors’ conferences before vacation time. I’ll be heading to Silicon Valley Open Door (SVOD), a technology investment conference, in San Francisco, and…

Originally published on Altima Business Solutions

Startups looking for money are going about it all wrong. They are chasing the money, instead of making the money chase them. This article is about how to effectively secure funding.

Why should you listen to me?

I have spent almost three decades in…

First let me preface by saying it’s not your fault. School doesn’t teach you money. It teaches you math (2+2=4), but in money 2+2=2.5. Why? Truth is there are a myriad of reasons, but to keep it simple, here are three:

1. Time value:

The value of money diminishes over…

Andre' Fox Wilson Sr.

Managing Partner & Funding Maverick at Altima Business Solutions. Empowering you to focus!

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