The education that future teachers receive is missing one particular part that leaves an empty space without cover. This particular part is PRACTICE. In the process of becoming a teacher, we receive a lot of theories that are completely necessaries but all these theories do not clarify the REAL moments that we as teachers surely will have. We learned about the history of the pedagogy or theories about the cognitive development and also about awesome pedagogues, but we do not learn how to speak to our students, the correct way to correct them, or methods and techniques to become reacher the educational process, that means that we know the theory but we do not know how to make that theory in practice. For that reason that we need to make an equilibrium between both for achieving in our students a holistic learning process.
That’s why I loved my Demo Thursday classes.
In this classes, we see REAL suggestions, recommendations, methods, that we can and should use with our students.
Let’s see a brief description of some Demo lessons that, in my opinion, are POWERFUL for real teachers and real students.

1. Slam poetry:
The slam poetry experience was really nice, it moves us to found our own voice, to exteriorize the words that we want to say aloud but we have not. Also to express a deep feeling or share a point of view about something. The Slam poetry activity allow us to discover in our classmates hidden parts.
It helps me to find my voice and to turn on my own fire.
2. Reading Aloud:
That was very beautiful that somebody reminds us the special tradition of reading for someone else.
With the Storytelling, we catch our students and we also invite them to fly to unknown worlds, to feel different emotions and to increase their imagination. Reading a story for someone else also create a connection between the reader and the hearer.
3. Writing to learn:
The idea that writing works as a punishment should be completely replaced by writing works as an experience.
With the Writing process, each student needs to go deep in themselves, need to think and to find the own words to express something. Writing also is a creative process in which the students increase their imagination, look for inspiration and make a good exercise with the brain.
4. Music in classes:
It was so inspiring to remember that education could and should found different ways to learn, that we can attend to multiple intelligences and the most inspiring part is that we can use Music to teach!
We should find in music an ally to make them think about some specifics topics, also to listen to the opinions that others have for a situation, for helping them to reflect on the nowadays situations. The music is not only to learn new vocabulary it is also to think.

All the above are ideas that the teacher gave to us to be closer to our students, to help them and to help us to create a holistic process. These suggestions help us to act in REAL moments, with REAL students and in REAL lessons.
Also to understand that education is a beautiful process that needs to be made with effort, knowledge but also with CREATIVITY.

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