Why I Still Love Snapchat

I’m sure you’ve seen it. At least I did.

Yesterday, I came across several people who said, “Bye Snapchat” or “RIP Snapchat”, or something along those lines. This is after Instagram introduced face filters, one of the last major features that differentiated Snapchat.

While I’m not here to express whether I think Snapchat is going down or not, I’m certainly here to express why I still get down with it.

For me, it’s often the intangibles that matter. And Snapchat still has a couple that set it apart.

First, you know that whoever is viewing your Snaps has done so intentionally. Because Snapchat has the playlist feature where we can choose whose story we’d like to see, you know (for the most part) that whoever is viewing yours didn’t stumble upon it because the person’s story before them ended.

On top of that (and also my last point), you know that whoever is viewing your stories had to have added you at some point, which means that they want to view your stories. Instagram allows anyone to view your stories if your profile is public. If you’re cool with the creepers, then more power to ya.

But the fact that Snapchat requires an add (that add tho) speaks to the intention that I mentioned earlier. That intention allows the platform to feel a little more personal.

And that is why I still love Snapchat.

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