Guardium Token Is Moving To NEO
Mark Jeffrey

Mark, thanks for the writeup. We’re also evaluating various platforms including NEO. However, there’s a point I can’t fully agree with:

Separation of GAS and NEO: The price of gas for Ethereum has become outrageous and is already completely out of reach for the developing world. The NEO development team specifically wanted to avoid this situation, so they separated the GAS from the NEO tokens to keep transactions reasonably priced.

In fact, the effect is quite opposite. While in Ethereum the gas price is set by the users and miners, allowing to decouple it from the speculative value of ETH, in NEO the gas price it is set by the speculative market, which makes it super expensive. The minimum cost of smart contract deployment is currently around $15K.

I’m curious what’s your thinking on this and what considerations you had when making the decision. After all, this seems like a big one and is not mentioned in the article.

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