Jest matching objects in array

Andrei Pfeiffer
Aug 25, 2017 · 1 min read

If you use Jest and you need to check that an Array contains an Object that matches a given structure, .toContain() won’t help you. So, a different approach is required.

Consider the following scenario. You have an array of objects:

const state = [
{ type: 'START', data: 'foo' },
{ type: 'START', data: 'baz' },
{ type: 'END', data: 'foo' },

… and you want to test that it contains an item like this { type: 'END' } .

You could write the following test:

expect(state).toEqual(          // 1
expect.arrayContaining([ // 2
expect.objectContaining({ // 3
type: 'END' // 4

The above reads as:

  1. you expect that your Array equals
  2. an Array that contains
  3. an Object that contains
  4. the following properties

NOTE: expect.arrayContaining() must be passed an Array[] even if you pass one item.

Adding it as a custom matcher

As Martin Hochel suggested, if you use this frequently, you might want to create a custom matcher, to avoid the verbose implementation:

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