online independence day

The first 2 questions everyone should consider are:
do you know you have an online life?
do you think you are in control of your online life?

First thing one does when comes online is to create an email account.
Almost every other account you make or service you use is related to this EMAIL (99% of online services require register by email).
The Internet knows us, above all, as an email address.
This is your online life.

But do you know where your email is? If it’s free then you are in big trouble.
Understand that nothing is free! Nothing! Even when you use your pc/mobile you use electricity.

So why do you think a commercial company can offer you an email account for free? Yes my dear friend, you are mined and your data used.

We aim to restore control over the email to the user. Detach the email from the matrix of free accounts and put it only in the user’s pocket. 
Decentralize the email, add portability and security and thus make it Independent.
If we can accomplish this goal, the future will expand with immense opportunities!

We cannot do it without partners like you. Join our project!

Don’t hesitate to become independent!