Travel we must - two friends, two motorbikes and two weeks around Europe

My friend Cristi and I spent the longest 14 days during a small tour around eastern Europe on our bikes. The main objective was to get out of our daily system and live every second of our vacation, and that’s exactly what we did!

We left home for a 5000km trip throughout Hungary, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Montenegro and Serbia, more than 500 tunnels, the highest highway on the continent, the longest zipline and a memorable afternoon rafting on the Durmitor’s National Park river, Tara.

Balaton lake and surroundings, HU.

The first weekend was spent with one of my oldest and best childhood friends, Iulia, in Graz, Austria. After all the planning and luggage issues we had during the last week before leaving, it was a well deserved mind-resting heaven.

After that, every single day could be described in a book full of memories, feelings, incredible sights thanks to a beautiful weather, moments of pure happiness, wonderful people we’ve met from all around the world, and local food is always a winner!

Lago di Garda, Magugnano, IT.
Stelvio Pass, Tirol, IT.
Trafoi, Stelvio National Park, IT.
Postcards from Italy :)
Gotthard Pass, Airolo, CH.

The surprise location of the tour, for Cristi, was the unique village of Manarola, in Cinque Terre National Park, IT. The simplicity and kindness of this quiet location makes it one of the most soulfull places in Tuscany.

Making new friends on the ferry
6am morning — traveling from Bari to Budva
Kotor Bay, ME.
Tara Canyon, ME.
Tara Brigde, Durmitor National Park.

The best food we had all week was, of course, in Serbia among with the party starter and plum master, slivovitsa.

Kustendorf (Drvengrad) or the wooden village, built for Emir Kusturica’s first movie.
I hear colours *drrr drr drr*, Mokra Gora, SRB.

After this fulfilling roadtrip going back home was hard, but inevitable. Especially when the last few days were left open for any opportunity, but our friends from Bulgaria, Coco and Milen, took care and made them ten times more pleasantly unnexpected than we have imagined.

The funny thing is, we often forget about the most important things in life, you know, those that are wild and free, the ones we can’t buy, can’t see…an adventure will always fill your soul in a manner that no other thing does. And even if it’s not what expected, you will never return the same person…but a better version of yourself!

What traveling does is exposing you to all sort of new experiences and places, it powers up your brain giving a feeling of absolute awareness, like you were as a child, everything seemed interesting and the curiosity made your perspective even more open to anything was happening around you. Adventures awake you and what I have discovered during my travels is that if you put your mind into it, you will always be able to get over any obstacles in the path through life. Always!