February 1, 2014

As we travel through our lives we’re changing a lot. And usually we trade our innocence with experience, skepticism, matureness. Most of the times we didn’t event notice. We are always wanting something new, always fighting for more, never stop to think at what we loose in all this time.

Look at the kids around you (if are your own even better) — they are the best reminder, the wake-up call you should take. Most of the times, we are too busy to stop for a minute and try to understand them. We are annoyed when they are too noisy, when they want to play with us, when they want to do what they want instead of what we want (selfish ungrateful brats). We are too tired of our stressful jobs to do some little effort for them too. We fail so completely to understand them that we want to change them, to make them us — to grow and be successful (in other words to become busy drones that forgot how to enjoy the simplest joys of life).

Our startups are kids too. We start them as something funny, innocent play, more to our enjoyment and pleasure than for profits and money. And little by little they grow. The parents start to think at the more serious problems and before you know, the fun is gone and everything remaining is the business. Because at the end of the day you have to survive, to grow successful.

Life is all about equilibrium. So are startups. Be careful how you grow.

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