Customizing Education

Schooling is not education. At least, not the way it is now. I’m not claiming that the current education system is bad. I’d like to point out some deficiencies which could make a big difference.

On average, students are not attracted to going to school. And we, as students or pupils, accept that. We agree to the notion that school is something to get over and then live the way we want. But wait a minute. School is the basic environment where we shape our social skills and emotional intelligence. It is where we learn to negotiate, interact, listen and talk. Travis Bradberry and many other social researchers explained clearly that emotional intelligence is the best predictor of success in life. So if we do not take advantage of the opportunity to build ourselves up in school, then we are wasting a precious resource of time.

In my experience, forcing ourselves to do things does not work. At least not in the long run. I am not a fan of willpower. Why? Because willpower is limited and we cannot fight with it. On the other hand, excitement and enthusiasm are emotional resources that give us energy and creativity. Common sense tells me that we should focus on the latter, and not the former. The purpose of schooling should be to foster this desire for learning. And the current approach of mass education cannot do it. We all have different talents and interests. Just by standardizing all the subjects for everybody, we miss out on nurturing the talents of students. This leads to frustration, leads to lack of confidence, leads to dropping out of school eventually.

My vision for solving this problem is by customizing education. We, the teachers, are the providers for the students, who demand the skills they want to acquire. I am not claiming that students should not do math or accounting at all, if they don’t like it. These numerical abilities are necessary for financial education. But there should be an extent to which we teach these things. We should not supply too much of it, if there is little demand. On the other hand, if the student is interested in biology mainly, we have the responsibility to satisfy that interest. If we tailor the education demands of our students, we manage to nurture lots of talents. In aggregate, this means lots of experts in different fields. Otherwise, who knows how many talents pass by without even knowing what they’re good at?

Being a private tutor, I’ve seen how students react to different teaching approaches. And it is my job to tailor my sessions to their needs and demands. I believe private education will be the norm in the near future. As the supply of it will increase, the price will be quite affordable, in my opinion. Remember, it is our job to satisfy our customers, the students. Hope you enjoyed the post!