Hi Andrei,
Walt Schlender

Sorry for the late answer! Yes, I think this is a reasonable approach, even though I’m not sure it suits me well.

My learning process is quite slow and it involves a lot of research. I watch a couple of videos to get an idea of what I’m dealing with and then I usually seek for related articles. I have applied this approach when I wanted to learn node and all the good stuff and all I have nothing to reproach myself, even though I have the constant feeling that I still don’t know enough.

Speaking of CRUD apps, I don’t think I have ever built one with an idea of a project in mind. I usually build them only for learning purposes. What I like the most about is that every time I found an article about implementing a small feature or something like that, I can simulate a real life situation of adding that feature to an existing project.

Now I’m dealing with 3 projects, 2 which have a higher purpose. I also see the benefits in just building things without preparing myself with a lot of articles and tutorials.

I have tried multiple approaches, without even knowing it. And I don’t which one is the best, but the idea is that I just like to learn this stuff.

Another great way of learning is reading other people’s code. I like this a lot because I can learn about good practices and spot the bad ones.

I don’t have the tendency to share with other devs what I have learnt because it’s not something I have discovered myself. And yes, the chances are that I could improve my knowledge even more if I wrote an article, but I prefer using that time learning something else.

I hope you get my idea. Glad I could share these things with you!