Drako’s Commentary: Kuva and the broken Dash project in need of repair…

I had almost lost hope that indeed Dash was lost to libertarian nutcases (the ‘wrong’ kind), kooks, leeches like DACH and the utter inefficiency of operations and corporate bods that Dash Core Group has become, delivering, as predicted, nothing of ‘Evolution’ in 2018, instead hopelessly breaking testnet for weeks with a minor release and protocol bump (which caused us huge issues with our Uphold and exchange testing). Etc etc…

Anyway, is it not time for the Hopium to end and for some real projects to take hold?

Kuva is actually a ‘real’ project, delivering what we said we would with full transparency to the DAO, also taking advantage of the meaningful opportunity to establish Dash in an economy where fiat has failed even more dramatically than Venezuela; Zimbabwe. Then we can move on to other African countries. We have all the licenses we need, the software we need, the people we need and have kept the project transparent as we could, even in the face of continual trolling by a faction of the Dash community (including members of ‘Dash Force News’ who split away to form a splinter group being run akin to a raving child’s bedroom birthday party, complete with Cheetos on the floor and ketchup on the ceiling) who do not judge Kuvacash on its merits, but instead fear that our way of thinking will lead to them being defunded…which it will, and we will have more on that later.

Because Team Kuva, of course, remain competent in the face of this cluster*uck we were forced to go outside of Dash for supplementary capital, to get the funds we need to launch (raising about 900K USD from 39 contributors outside of Dash as per the kDAO terms). We also launched the kDAO to assist verified MNO supporters who want to see Kuva launch and let them contribute and be involved in its success.Now, I don’t just hope that more MNO’s come off the hopium and see the light, but am actively campaigning for this, a thankless task that cost Kuva our DAO funding for a few months (and of course making for a successful kDAO, the first sub-DAO of Dash) – so please can we defund major worthless activities like Dash Force News, DACH, Anypay (who are incapable of keeping any financial records) and give Dash Core Group a hard signal that we are NOT happy with ‘near-zero progress’ and endless delays because ‘software is difficult’ while we get our arses kicked by every other newcoin project out there pushing features and designing propositions that make sense? And can we do that now, if you please, before Dash is actually stuffed.

Why do I push so hard? Well for our own project, Kuvacash, to survive and be viable, in the past we needed Dash and the DAO to survive. Well, now we don’t – as anyone can expect we have had to build full contingency around this now very likely outcome, given the risk. Frankly, if we do really leave, Dash will not be the same without Kuva and the caliber of people who are delivering Kuva as a way to land Dash in Africa, as much fun as all the drama seems to be. We wished to consolidate people who think the same way, hence we had no choice but to build the kDAO.


Bad actors in Dash (some with ‘good’ intentions and others with selfish motive) have for too long alienated makers and influencers, and it’s pretty clear Dash has paid the price. Supposed proponents of Dash are on Twitter ‘defending us’ against ‘trolls’ – meaning anyone who disagrees with their point of view and ultimately alienating them. And this is one of the main reasons that we are disliked by a large portion of the crypto community; it’s why we aren’t on Coinbase, or are not being integrated as a first choice on major projects like Openbazaar. It is why our relative ranking on CMC is dropping like a stone over 10 places in a year (and yes, CMC ranking does matter).

Dash is such a huge opportunity potentially wasted; and we don’t need to defend anything – the project has critics because, well, it WAS a great crypto project heading to the top! And like any great project it will come with its share of critics and haters. Instantsend transfers making it the first contender for being a digital cash, a ton of exchange integration, reasonable liquidity to kick things off, support on major hardware wallets and mobile wallets. All rapidly going to waste, at such a pace that it’s almost like it’s an ‘inside job’ to wreck Dash. So let’s actually step up. Time for MNO’s to cut the dead wood out and get Dash to where it should be, to look at projects with an investors’ eye and to demand meaningful accountability of every project including, in particular, Dash Core Group, if indeed we expect them to deliver us out of this mess in 2019.

There is hope though. Projects like Dash Nexus, Dashwatch (READ THEIR REPORTS THEY ARE A GOLDMINE AND MAKE VOTING A LOT EASIER!) the Krip phones, Bertrand’s efficient DMT, and Kuva build value into the ecosystem. So might Evolution, if it actually ends up materialising. We have amazing people like Scott Farnsworth motivated and inspired by Dash, and trying for bigger vision. And the community has a lot of smaller projects that can make a difference in places that need Dash. Let’s sort the wheat from the chaff, and get Dash back to where it should be. #1 as digital cash, available everywhere it is needed.

PM me @drako on Dash Nation or message me here if you want to help with resetting the vision for Dash, and getting it back on the rails.