The world needs heroes

How to become the hero of a generation

Problem: It’s tough for the young generation to choose a path in life and especially a career since there is complete silence about the daily grind of each job. This leads to confusion and uncertainty.

Solution: Hence, I urge the leaders of every industry to step out of the crowd and take the responsibility of being the hero of their field for the next generation and help the youngsters make the right life decision.

Be the one who open the eyes of the youth

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The young generation needs role models to follow. We need people to look up to. We need to know what different careers involve before making the decision to join the industry. Because it’s tough to aspire to become a doctor, lawyer, developer, teacher, researcher or CEO if you don’t know what it’s like to be one.

And this is a huge problem. There are so many kids and students who would look up to those who move the society forward and are experts in their field. But there are very few leaders and expert in their area who show the day-to-day life of working in that field. There is complete silence towards the young generation, and there is no leader to inspire the next generation who wants to follow them.

Now, there are thousands of people in this world who are winning life and have unbelievable wisdom and knowledge to share in specific fields. They are those who lead the world or build rockets to colonise Mars, research new medicine against cancer, build massive buildings or create the technologies of tomorrow or first agricultural revolutions.

Basically, in every domain, there are people which the youth want to hear and be inspired by.

There was an unhappy experiment in the human history when the real heroes were not speaking, and it’s called Communism. That’s the same period when the youngsters were not dreaming of building the future. Because there wasn’t anyone to show them how the future is made.

What needs to be done?
In every field there are winners. One of those should take the responsibility to step out of the crowd and make their story part of the human history. This person should be an expert who shows how things are done in his field to the next generation of kids who aspire to join their industry. Because if you think for a moment, this is how the mankind moves forward: by giving our knowledge to the young.

Can you imagine how this world would look like if there would be a hero in each domain?

Think of when you were young and needed guidance. Think of those moments of uncertainty when you didn’t know how life would be like if you choose this career path. It’s scary for a young man to take decisions in unknown. It’s discouraging not to have anyone to dream of becoming in your field.

Now imagine yourself being young again and thinking about your future career and life.

Wouldn’t you have loved to see someone explaining the ups and downs of his work? To demonstrate how he arrived there and what it actually involves to reach this high peaks. I am sure you agree it would have been unbelievably impactful in your future.

Be the one who make the future

What can you do?
Now, if you are winning in your field and you want to take the responsibility of training the next generation, then you should become the icon of your area and inspire those who want to become like you. There’s no better feeling in this world than seeing someone genuinely desiring to become like you.

The youth want to know how the winners became winners. It’s not enough to hear their stories in an interview. It’s too simple and leaves much space for interpretation and imagination.

In the same way, The Empire States Building was not built just from sketches.

I am studying Computer Science, and I am thinking of becoming a CTO. Now, who should I look up to? I asked on Quora the question “Are there leading technical people from the software industry (such as CTOs) who do vlogs?” and got zero replies. Because there is no CTO, who is documenting his journey. And therefore, there is no one to look up to.

Hence, I urge leaders in every field to document their journey and make it accessible to those who want to follow them, so that the young generation has a hero to aspire to. Having your life documented would be an incredible legacy for the future.

A model is Gary Vaynerchuk who shows how to be the CEO of a primary media agency. Every day he records a video about his life as a CEO. He is one of the few who achieved success at high levels and shows to others what it takes to do so. He hired a photographer to record videos about his day-to-day professional life.

I also urge those who aspire to become leaders to document their journey. In this way, when they finally become successful, the world will be able to see their path and how they evolved.

What will I do?
I will take attitude in this direction and document my journey. I acquired knowledge that can be very useful to many teenagers, and I want to share it. In the past years, I answered myself lots of questions and the majority of youngsters have the same problems, starting with “How to get the down moments in university?”, “How to get into a good University?” or “How to prepare for competitive programming?”. There is much knowledge I can give forward, and there is way more I need to learn myself. On the other hand, I am far from the person I want to be. I am not even close to Elon Musk or Bill Gates. But I have an advantage over them: I’m 21.

In conclusion, I will document my journey and show the world how I became who I wanted to be so that my grandkids and the next generations can see a way of becoming what they dream of. And I urge you to start doing that, too.

So far my journey has 10 episodes and more to come. Join me

You should document your journey as well!

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About the author: Andrei Margeloiu is a passionate programmer interested in emerging technologies, entrepreneurship and iconic buildings. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.