© Ian Stevenson — No New Messages

You have no new messages
No new notifications
No Likes, No Loves
No matter how many times 
You swipe, tap, pinch
Switch, slide, refresh 
There is nothing for you 
Except emotional exile
Communication breakdown 
Vapid personal anxiety 
And ultimate invisibility
Fixated upon the blank stare
Of Unseen messages 
Obsessing over unanswered
Seen messages and e-mails
Counting minutes, hours
Days and weeks of nothingness 
You come to realize 
You are not dead to the world
You are dead to the one person
That meant the world to you 
The upshot to this 
Life itself is a medium
For social interaction 
Time to make a real friend 
That actually sees you, 
Likes you, Loves you 
For the content 
Of your soul