Young Tiger

With sharp clear senses
And apt composure

Start collecting gems
If rocks do you no favor

You can tell one from the other
In all facets and spectrums

Look further than your own heart
It is wider than you can imagine

Foster the presence of good persons
Even if just for the briefest of moments

In times of uncertainty, fear, loss, and doubt
Keep your heart reaching toward one another

Try to fully acknowledge moments of grace
You are having the best time of your life

Believe in your power to improvize
This is how you get your power back

Tend to this relationship with yourself
It will bring you moments of pure joy
Moments of stillness, moments of deep 
Understanding without really knowing why

Just being

Make space in your heart, head, soul 
Empathy is a two way street, mind the light

We are all in this together
Part of a greater whole
Knotty and woven, beautiful and intricate
Like a Persian rug in the fabric of the cosmos