BQT ( BQT ) — More Than an Exchange

BQT guarantees of non-hazardous, dialog and elastic trading sector P2P and comfortable socket for their own companies to manage different types of transaction, namely, with numerous scriptaction. BQT platform gives traders an opportunity to absolutely everyone in a society to coordinate its own operations with Scriptactive directly interacting companion with each other and sharing skills with the community. In order to apply holdings of different Crypto assets, BQT introduces the concept of Hedge transactions. In contrast to Margin and Futures trading, the Bqt Hedge Trade system is considered to be an elastic method for the purpose of traders according to obtaining crypto Assets in a short period with the support of escrow of their existing crypto Holdings.

Easy sample.

Trader a (Hedge Receiver) dumps the BTC company and publishes the recommendation to the P2P exchange BQT, providing BTC to the Escrow BQT with a 20% premium. Further, someone calls other traders containing ETH to purchase its Escrow BTC in the Deposit property for THIRTY days, allowing him to use their ETH during this stage.

Trader B (Hedge Provider) is able to give an answer in the recommendation and negotiate the requirement by asking for the most significant premium and/or the smallest period. Trader C (another hedge Producer) is also able to respond, but with a different prescription, negotiating the best claim for the purpose of the hedge recipient.

We believe that the need for the coveted receipt of Crypto assets can be satisfied with the essential requirement of different Crypto assets and agreed directly by the employees-traders.

The goal

In order to create a true culture of cricket that can make the business world learn from each other, evaluate transactions and share experiences

The BQT team is committed to freeing global hedge funds, but initially limits access to the United States and other countries until their compliance is sufficient. P2P exchanges are becoming increasingly popular, which continues to monitor large nails in different markets. To use various cryptographic resources, BQT has created a revolutionary closure system. Unlike margin trading and futures trading, the BQT hedge trading system is a flexible way to obtain assets in a short time by placing existing cryptographic funds. BQT decided to focus on a reliable model of P2P currency hedging. This will allow complex cryptographic traders to communicate directly with each other

Process of the BQT

The BQT P2P platform uses the security and benefits of distributed blockchain, providing flexibility for operators around the world. All modules and databases are programmed using various encryption methods to ensure the confidentiality and protection of the provider. 2FA required for all business profiles

Estimates of active user

As reported in the latest report of the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, currently around 2.9 million customers are waiting for clients with dynamic exchange of cryptographic data. Up to 5.8 million. Human Although it is relatively difficult to clearly see the number of people using digital money in Alternative Cambridge Center, using the information received from members in 2017. Among the types of clients that currently use Money Wallet encryption, 5.8 million .


The bqt p2p platform applies the harmless and dispersed advantages of the Blockchain, providing elastic performance for the purpose of traders in absolutely all society.

Any node and the basis of the information programmed using different encoding, and ensures privacy and security with the aim of traders. The 2FA structure is considered an integral setting for the purpose of any trader profile.

Exchange p2p broker
In the past few months of March 2018, localbitcoins and other trade sizes in the P2P-landing stage began to witness a sudden increase in various bazaars, the presence of this world size increases up to $ 75 million of the UNITED States of AMERICA per week. Canadian and European p2p bazaars make unprecedented sizes. BTC / idr transactions produced a maximum IDR of 580 million per week in March in Localbitcoins, in such a period as well as a P2P transaction in Vietnam made the 2nd according to the size with an increase of 3.725 billion VND.
Successful component Binance
From ICO Binance instantly increased in prominence, having founded significantly the easiest aspect to trade, and now someone is considered a valid candidate for the purpose of Bittrex and other large trading platforms. Certain Binance components have argued, in order to promote acceptance in trading:
a. Be an independent stock FIAT, and in addition the lawyer nuance associated with it.
b. Enables your traders to instantly reveal Nemer for the purpose of trafficking.
C. Use your own personal token to apply with transaction fees with 50% discount.
d. List the number of tags Post-ICO ERC20 and evaporation of the transactions, representing the obligation of the Blockchain innovation and application tokens.
e. Gives a chance daily withdrawals and fast deposits some wallets of coins / tokens.






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