CryptoMarketCloud ecosystem units in favor of the investors.
Characteristics, features
The cryptomarketcloud ecosystem has been developed with investors; and when it invests in CMC customers, it will be part of all its products and will be part of the ecosystem as a whole. profits will go to investors. 5% of each company involved in the ecosystem CryptoMarketCloud, 20% for each transaction network, the percentage of ecosystems on the basis of the CMC-based investments and the income derived from the client based on the investment. Ecosystem functions CryptoMarketCloud will be given the marker utility of CMC.

Token for sale
ICO start date: 15 December 2018
ICO end date: January 15, 2019
The supply token-ICO: 120 000 000
Details of the marker
Brand: CMC
Type: Protection
Exemption token: No
bonus program,
private Sales-25%
Balance before-8 rewards 10%
ICO-5% bonus
Distribute token
Offers broadcast: 80 million,
Token for sale: 70 million.,

Tips, awards, largages, marketing and advertising: 10 million
Crypto Market Cloud enterprise is not gadgets and does not promise moon or lambos, we are a company with a clear idea of what products it wants to develop, how to implement and create Comfort, legality, transparency and honest business practices.

Product: Crypto Market Cloud is a product developed and operated, which is a platform for storing Ico, Crypto Directory, Crypto, Blocks and news, but now we are going to create a full-fledged product. I build Eco complete. Our system, our own Blocks, platform in exchange for private money, will only accept generate tokens and lists for security and equity tokens.
Ecosystem: Ecosystem: do you have any good ideas for breaking up? You start by creating our security token, Blocks, or equal (for each generation of token, only 5% will be reserved for the owner of the CMC origin token), After that, your SRT will be listed on the Crypto Market Cloud platform for fundraising.During this cycle, it will increase your service STATION among all subscribers through all our communication channels (there are more than 40 000 subscribers.) Once a round of funding is completed, the list of secure exchanges will take place the first exchange of electronic money.


Chain C (Blockchain): The only protocol, rewarding holders of 5% of shares in all our company’s ecosystems and 20% of network costs

C-Chain: provides investors and companies with a good exchange fee and the company will receive guaranteed releases as part of the entire ecosystem package

Chain C (Release Plafrom ICO / STO): All services are performed, fundraising, banners, advertisements, ratings, investors. And the price is more competitive for the company

Additionally CMC will become a full STO which like any traditionally business the CMC holders and investors is entitled to revenue and voting rights

CMC will not only provide the service and support to already existing blockchain companies but also to already existing mainstream companies

Being a full ecosystem, all services are in place, starting from token creation on our platform, then we can offer full ICO support, to help collect funds for the companies as well promotional packages and once their Stos have finished, they will list on our cryptocurrency exchange.

How it work

CMC is built on the advantages of an ICO in order to create an ecosystem that is going to bring the next big change in the global capital markets. CMC will enable decentralization of pre-seed investments by adopting unique capabilities of blockchain technology and also by providing a legal way to purchase security tokens. Tokenization of existing assets, creating of a total of 5% which will be reserved for the original CMC token holders with revenue streams, or other hybrid security tokens.






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