New York’s little geniuses.

So it’s finally happened. I am writing my first post on Medium. Hopefully, this habit will really stick. The truth is when you have a writer’s block, you write about what surrounds you — they said.

Today, I commuted to work from South Brooklyn to Downtown Manhattan. On a good day, it takes me an hour and ten minutes to get to Cortland Street where I get off. I guess today today was a “better”day and 57 minutes is a record so far.

As I transfered from B to R train (luckily it was the same platform) and it does appear to be the most efficient route, I found myslef standing, right at the end of the car.

It may sound like a typical New York subway story, and that can be true, nevertheless. I was standing right next to three Asian teens. Three boys were engaged in conversation, you would expect to hear from young boys. Quiet frankly, I enjoyed listening to their not-so-childish chat. Truth to be told their conversation inspired this post. Quickly, I realized their convo was about the video games, and how to maximize performance of certain character in the best possible ways.

Evidently, kids were using gamer’s jargon, but what caught my ear is the way the communicated with each other: they used intellegent phrases, their arguments had numerical values attached, as an adult way to make a strong and valid point. Kid would say: “You are 20 thousands point short, dedicate more time on defense”. The other. one responds: “I tried with 35 thousands, and still failes. 20 wont be enough. I counted”. I had no idea what game are they talking about but their talk was convincing.

Shortly, after they finished discussing the games. They started bragging about how they scored on high school admissions tests. These are standardazed tests required by specialized schools for gifted and talanted kids. One little genius bragged that he “scored State test by 4 points, and now have to retake it” because subjectively it’s not enough for Stuyvesent HS (prestigious public high school in New York) where he intentds to be accepted. Another one continued bragging excercise by mentioning that he wants to make his application stronger, so he now writes his second app for a smartphone, and member of a chess club in his junior high. Also, he stressed the importance of the extre curricullum actvities.

These aspiring and intellegent yongsters had provided me with a food for thought. I have always been inspired by intellegence, educational aspirations, and motivation to create World a better placer. Needless to say, I believe American kids have all resources to dominate on international arena, score higher on Math, <AnyScience> Olympics, and have an overall higher literacy rate nationwide.

Honestly, I have always pitied kids who wake up early to get to school, and entire cognitive overload society has forced on them. But this is a reality we cant deny, education is the transformative power that can reshape our future, have a tremendous impact on local and World communities, and sooner we realize these inevitable realities the better we can prepare our kids.