12 Years a Hustler, Time to Go Home
Sheriff Shittu O.

How did you expect to do anything when first of all, you probably haven’t focused on SEO at all ?

Those URLS are ugly, hard to remember, this is 2016, people should never see IDs in the urls of a shopping site, it’s simply hard for them.

Cart doesn’t show the number of items added into it, that’s really bad.

Honestly, I don’t know how much time you’ve spent building this site, or whoever did it, but a wordpress theme would’ve done miracles from the start, and you just would’ve had to spent a few hours to customize it to get the basic picture, maybe a few days to get something polished and branding.

You failed because of poor execution, you handled things like they were handled years ago, you’ll just have to face the sad truth that you haven’t documented yourself well, if you would’ve left the motivational reads and similar things in favor of UX / UI and marketing materials, you would’ve probably done much better.

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