Introducing Paceroo

A way to improve your races

I have been running for a few years now, mostly to improve my fitness, not necessarily for competition. I’ve done trail running, track running and some road races.

One of the problems I’ve encountered is not being able to pace myself properly only by using my intuition. I either go too hard at the beginning, or finish the race only to realise that I had more left in the tank. Keeping a constant pace using an app is better, but not optimal, as people tend to run better if they take it easier at the beginning of the race and finish stronger (negative splits).

I started thinking that I may be able to fix this problem by creating an app that tells you exactly what pace you should be doing at every point in the race, and calculates it such that your race time gets automatically optimised. You just have to stay on the pace the app suggests and your times should automatically improve. You’ll also learn how a proper pacing strategy feels like and start to integrate it into your intuition over time and improve your times even when not using the app.

That’s why I created Paceroo. It’s the app that does everything I described above in an easy, simple way. You just fire up the app, select the distance you want to run, your target time, and get going! The app then takes care of the rest. You just need to keep the ring in the center of the screen green and you’re on target. Afterwards the app computes a “performance score” based on your distance and time. This is independent of the distances you run, so you’ll be able to track your progress even when running different distances. The app does not currently take differences in altitude into account, so you should do this type of benchmarking on flat terrain.

I hope this tool can be useful to you. If you’d like to take it for a spin, you can get the app here: