An exploration into how 360 photos and real-time collaboration could reduce friction in collaborative decision-making.

Have you ever tried making travel plans or a large group purchase with friends or family? Getting a group of people to agree on something can be really tough. Especially when it involves lots of money and time on everyone’s part.

Take Airbnb for example. It’s a platform that allows people to list and book time in other people’s private homes. Some listings are meant for a single occupant, but you can just as easily rent out an entire ski cabin for your group of friends.

For group bookings, this usually means one person is tasked with gathering everyone’s preferences…

How to do it in VR without motion sickness

TL;DR: Most VR experiences are still struggling to find good ways to move around beyond your room’s footprint in VR. Many of the experiences that have tried virtual flight or walking induce simulation sickness because they inadvertently rotate the player’s camera while rotating the virtual room. However, I learned that if you stabilize the player’s camera by preventing the virtual room from rotating, you might be able to eliminate simulation sickness entirely. This opens up the possibility for free virtual movement in all directions, while leaving rotating up to the player in the real world.

Have you ever watched a…

How startups could learn from Tony Stark by using VR prototypes

TL;DR: VR is often considered “headphones for your eyes” and excels at giving users a sense of scale and presence in a virtual world. By using VR as a medium for simulating, testing, and showcasing physical projects, we get the speed of software iteration with some of the experiential benefits of a physical prototype. This means that VR could be the “killer-app” for startups trying to pitch and user test experiences such as wearables or IoT devices before building it.

I’m a maker at heart. I love building everything from time machines to mind-controlled drones. …

Andre Le

UX Designer. VR prototyper. Hacker. Learner.

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