While practicing writting and doing hard things

“Forgive my writing idiosyncrasies. English is not my primary language.”

Sometimes, tasks that seem insignificant in the eyes of others can be a foundation to very useful skills. You can find real gold when you are drawn to do something to which others would say: “Why bother with that?”

In fact, us artists feel a lot of push back on our pursuit for excellence, sometimes from the voice that keeps telling us “you suck” or “I am tired… let’s give up”. Other times from outside individuals that will feel secure if you conform to themselves.

Everyone needs a support system…

This is the longest piece I had to engrave (so far). Just the first violin part is 55 pages.

Me holding the manuscript of Matuttino di Morti

It’s a massive work for large orchestra, choir, 7 soloists and with an estimated duration of 125 mins in a 589 page long full score. My good friend and conductor Leandro Alves when saw the picture of me holding the manuscript had 2 words: “You Crazy”

The Mattutino di Morti by Bomtempo is becoming a symbol of discipline and commitment to me. …

When I first heard about this opera, I was as excited as a kid in an ice cream shop. Uncovering “unsung” pieces or “secret” composers is one of my biggest hobbies, and this opera looked like it was going that way. After a bit of research, I found (sad face) that either he never really finished it, or it got lost during his last tumultuous years.

Nevertheless, a fully orchestrated Introduzione and four other numbers with piano reduction have survived. …

The music is quite good! If you haven’t listened to it yet… you should! I see it as one of those “honey” orchestral pieces, that attracts new people to the concert hall giving us the opportunity, to convert them into regular attendees and classical music lovers. We need to demystify classical music!

Clapton’s performance of the concerto

I hope that by learning this concerto, I can bring my experience as a classical musician to the performance, avoiding all the mistakes I see other soloists do when they get in front of an orchestra. (from the communication perspective of a conductor)

Photo by Caio Henrique on Unsplash

Somewhere along my studies, there was this spark of interest about the role of a soloist in a concerto setting. Part of it reflected my frustration with musicians that thought that it was OK to be closed in their own world oblivious about their surroundings, ignoring the fact that a concerto is still a highly collaborative endeavor. Another reason was me having the urge of actually doing music with my own hands at the level I could hear in my head. It’s not fun, to be able to hear so many colors and expressions in our heads, at the same…

There are only a few things in life that make me freeze, think “WOW… WTF” and then have an intense excitement the will grow slowly over the next 14 hours. Actually… just one!!

My friends… I give you the most monumental youtube video, the one and only that must be in the background on all of your ring parties!

The Maestro’s cam for the all ring Cycle!!! The ALL THING!!!!

Experience the Ring Cycle from a brand new, intimate perspective! Watch a portrait of a true artist at work, as Richard Farnes (Music Director, Opera North 2004–2016) conducts the…

My first page of Elgar’s Nimrod

Advice must be one of the cheapest things in the world. Just like opinions, everyone tends to give it away for free. But if you easily give it away, can it be that it might not be that good to start with???

A while back I was being bullied by a few colleagues. At first I didn’t realize what was happening, I just felt a losing interest and love for my job and what I was doing. Not good at all!!! …

Yesterday I was out for dinner with a few friends and the topic of concert attendance and the habit of a regularly going to concerts popped up.

My friend says, “I only went to your concert because you were there. It is just not part of what I like to do. I much more prefer, going out and having drinks with friends. I enjoyed it a lot but… I still wouldn’t repeat it unless you are there”

I was happy to hear this from him, since this topic was part of something that been occupying my mind in these past…

André Lousada

Music Conductor, friend, amateur traveler, avid photographer and a storytelling enthusiast. My website: www.andrelousada.com and www.youtube.com/andrelousada

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